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I understand that theres a lot of things wrong with MW3, but some people really need to stop complaining. Some things are practically unfixable, like the way people play for example. They bought the game, so they're going to play how they want to no matter how we feel about it (camping, hard scoping, noob toobing). Now I'm not Mr. Perfect here, and do complain about things too like deathstreaks, camping, etc... But I don't like it when people over look the good things about this game and all the things Infinity Ward fixed and did right, and are blinded by the things they may not like about this game. There will never be a perfect Call of Duty. Accept that. Some will frustrate more than others, and hopefully Black Ops 2 will be one of the less frustrating ones. But complaining won't do anything, it won't solve any problems. Talking to the developers nicely and giving a valid argument why this thing isn't good in any way might though.

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    its funny how you say complaining about hardscopers aka snipers instead of saying qs'ers aka mechanics abusers.

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    You say complaining about the way people play? Yet say you complain about campers.


    Wrong about complaining about in game things does no good. What do you think that they just decided on their own to remove something because they complained to themselves?