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can splitscreen please be removed from infected ?

As everyone knows infected is home to split screen boosters, now i use infected as a warm up before going into other game modes to re adjust to movement ect .i report anyone who i find boosting and also use theater mode to get clips to send to bancandy(who does a fabulous job and probably needs more support in the job she does).now im on to 20 or so ive reported but ive just been in a game where out of the 16 players in there 8 were split screen boosting i can handle and block 1 mabye 2 pairs from boosting to moab but 3 and 4 are pushing it , it would all be stoped if splitscreen was removed .I sometime have help from others in the lobby (my thanks goes out to them aswell) but i play solo i dont have a mike and nor do many of those i run into, thus its hard to stop them efficiently.