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Do you ever respect other players?


I know people like to complain all the time about the weapons or perk choices their enemies make, but are there ever times where you can actually suck up your egotistical pride and tip your hat to a fellow CoD'er if he/she happens to best you in the match? I mean sure its easy to blame a death because the enemy had a Striker or an ACR, its easy to blame a death on a bad spawn or a deathstreak..but I want to know what in the game can kill you where you wont complain and blame it on something. A kill where you might say "damn this guy has some skills" or "good job with that underpowered weapon".


Im just lookin for ideas because Im tired of people whining when I smoke'm, even though I dont use any OP'ed weapons or cheap camping tactics. Haters jus gonna hate.

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    I respect anyone as a player who can best me.  It doesn't matter how they do it, it just matters if they do it.  I have access to the same weapons/perks as them.  If you beat me, hats off to you.

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      im no expert by any means...i just love to play. ive been killed every way possible in this game! if you win...i could care less...maybe next time our team will best you..all about fun to me. i was in a match late last night...and my own team was trapping me in a corner(stupid)

      they trash talked and called me every name u can imagine...i could have cared less..kinda funny to me...so very next match..i did the same thing to them..all of them. why do people treat others this way?

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    Deathstreaks like Final Stand/Dead Man's Nuke is really the only thing that annoys the crap out of me when I die to them.

    Sure, I have access to them as well but I just don't feel right using them.


    When it comes to weapons, I don't have an issue with someone killing me with "easy-mode" weapons but anyone that kills me with say an underused weapon such as the LMG's, Shotguns minus the Striker, PM-9 or even the Dragonov, I do have a bit more respect for. (as they're going outside their comfort zone to try out different weapons).


    It's good to know there is someone in the community willing to be different.

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      yeah....ive died every freekin way possible in this game..i am always trying,all sorts of different mixes of wepons and perks...maybe why i die so much...lmao. but as long as im having fun..thats all i care about..people just shouldnt be so cruel and downright hateful about this game. not everybody is a cod god.

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    What's funny (not really) is that when I give props to opponents, they just talk even more trash.


    If I say "good game," they fire back with garbage like "whatever, scrub" or "f*** you, you suck."


    If I say "you got some good shots on us with that sniper rifle that round," they come back with filth like "yeah, I f***ed you like I did your mama last night."


    Dang. Where's the love?

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    Honestly, the only thing that gets me mad is when I KNOW I was killed, not because of the skill of the other player, but because the game screwed me over.  That makes me rage, but not at the other player.  If I get panic knifed,  dead man's handed,  or a pred drops on my head 3 times in a row in FFA when I was on a 15 kill streak,  I have to set the controller down and take a few deep breaths.


    Or if I hear a guy coming around a corner, aim at the corner and prefire, he steps right into my bullet stream and kills me dead with seemingly a single bullet, without taking any damage himself.  I just can' t take it.  I usually just have to quit the game at that point (usually I'm host of course).   I can't do better than 0 reaction time and perfectly on target aim.  If that isn't enough, I simply can't win.


    I rage at the game, not at the other player.  People can camp all they want, use whatever weapon's they want.  Does not matter.  It's all part of the game.  I don't pretend I get to tell other people how they should play.  I just want the game to be fair.

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    I respect people who win or lose have the decency to say hey guys great game you almost got us or we almost got you etc. Really anything decent instead of the childish wannabe smack tack and excuses/complaints. From my own standpoint I respect those players who play straight up which IMO is gun on gun no headglitching behind cover, no tubing, no running around with akimbo anything as their primary choice in guns. I can appreciate getting flanked or outsmarted especially if it is the same person doing it at different spots on the map. 


    Prime example of people I loathe. We won a dom game on mission against a pretty solid team who had the benefit of starting at C. We realized it was going to be a very tough match right from the start. My clan mates said screw kdr and we all played the objective hard. I think B was lost and retaken something like 15 times in the match, it was crazy. In the end we won 200-196 most of my team finished with KDR between .85 and 1.0 with only 1 guy going positive. Back in the lobby we said wow great game we have been blowing everyone out tonight good job you almost got us there. Then the following happened 


    The guy who finished 2nd on the enemy team who had a really good kdr from "patrolling" as some would call it, but largley avoiding the objectives pipes up and says how much we suck because we didnt have as high of a KDR as he did. I jumped in and said wow dude if we suck so bad and you lost what does that say about you? he instantly backed out and even his own teamates started laughing at it. Checked his stats later and in that match he had 1 cap 2 defends. He had something like 47 kills the guy above him outscored him by 1k with 30 kills the guy below him had 27 kills and was only 40 points lower.

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    Ok so perhaps this is a coincidence or whatnot but after I posted this thread I went to play some MW3.  Found myself doing well on TDM Bakaraa yet losing to a guy that just kept owning me with a silenced ACR. This game marked the first time I have ever seen a MOAB in MW3 (other than youtube). The guy finished 36-2, destroying us with the bomb. I was impressed but I felt something might be fishy because this guy seemed to be very difficult to kill, yet had not much problem owning people, then again silenced ACR, but thats just me being disrespectful and trying to justify my loss. By the way his clan tag was [2-EZ], jus sayin.


    Anywho the story thickens. Next game Im on the same team as him, TDM Fallen. We take the lead quickly and start rackin kills. I went on a 10 killstreak with the AS50 and while checking the scoreboard I noticed Mr.2-EZ climbing the scoreboard at 22-0. Eventually the inevetable happened and I was now on the winning side of my 2nd witnessing of a MOAB. He was 28-0.


    2 consecutive games where a guy got MOABS. In the game I played against I was 14-12 with a high killstreak of 5. In the game I played along side him I was 14-4 with a high killstreak of 10. I definately felt like the lag was in my favor when I was on his team because I was lunge knifing some people and quickscoping pretty easy. Some lag compensation bullcrap if you ask me, but anyways.


    I went into the theatre vault and watched the Fallen match to see what his playstyle was like and he was a pure legit run n gunner. He covered the entire map multiple times and just outgunned anyone who stood in his way. I sent him congrats on the 2 MOABS to which he replied,"I actually got 3 MOABS."

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    I have found myself at times wondering how someone has killed me with an underpowered weapon. I don't talk on the mic unless necessary so the compliments go unheard. I have been killed with throwing knifes and pistols while spraying them down with an MP7. If the lobby is friendly and everyone is chatting and having a good time then I will say good game to all of them before I leave the lobby. I have gotten a couple friend requests for doing so.

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    I GGWP (Good Game, Well Played) players every day...

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    WHEN a player that does not one-shot me with any weapon
    PLAYS without using ACR, PP90M1, MP7 or Type 95
    WITHOUT camping in Team Deathmatch, Free for All or Kill Confirmed
    WITHOUT ignoring the objectives in Domination, Search and Destroy or Headquarters


    ... I NEVER quit the game mid-game and take any number of losses in a row.
    That is the extension of my respect for other players.


    Skill is knowledge (of the maps (where to be, where to place your airstrike, where to go to use your Reaper), of the weapons and the spawns), reflexes (aim, strafing and dropshotting) and routine (when to reload, when to wait, when to run, when to walk).
    All of which can be learned from observing more experienced players.

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    I respect all players until they disrespect me or others. Also, if they're annoying I may be a jackass.


    I try to say good game after every game but there's always someone who just won't have it.

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    If you mean tell them good game etc then sure I respect them.

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    An example from right now for why it is so damn hard to respect players in this game.

    I made 1:39 video, then uploaded it to my online vault.


    I could not render it, so I tried to make a shorter video.

    But the game was gone from my recently played games list and from my local vault.


    Soooo I had to take the game with FAR LESS bullshit before that game.


    Bullshit instance 1:
    So that is why I didn't get that kill.
    The server had me pointing completely off target for no apparent reason at all..!
    (My sight was on target the whole time while firing..! I have sensitivity 5, so I could not in any way have aimed that fast from wherever the server had me aim and to where the enemy was on my screen.)
    Instance 2 shows instance 1 in 100% speed, showing the bullshit sight-jump from where I didn't aim to where I actually aimed. Unfortunately I don't have a PVR to show you the enemy in the center of my sight for the entire time, and there weren't any other instances of hitmarkers 6 feet behind enemies like there was in the "disappeared game".


    Instance 2:
    Just showing that this game wasn't completely bullshit unlike the next:
    I actually hit two stationary targets and got the hit-detection in a timely manner, good enough to double kill with a confirmed kill (shoot till I get the points) before jumping over to the next enemy.


    Instance 3:

    Dogtags disappearing seconds after a kill AAArgh.


    Instance 4:

    Wish I had an ACR so I wouldn't need to burst-fire


    Instance 5:

    All shots fired on target on my screen apart from the first shot a bit too low, shots gets corrected to miss by the flinch, and while I fire into the enemy on my screen, I CONTINUE to fire above target on the server.


    A perfect example of how flinch is bad because it affects you twice:
    Your shots get redirected on the server AND THEN your performance is affected on your screen by the flinch you experience there for the second time.
    I used the M14 in CoD4 for christs' sake, I would just pull the sight down on target if the game actually LET ME respond to the flinch instead of forcing my shots to miss and THEN giving me the visual flinch on my screen in addition.
    The worst part is the fact that I was sure I had killed him on the fifth shot on my screen.
    Would've been a kill with the ACR.


    That was ALL the BS and reasons to use the ACR I could cram into under 30 seconds; two instances of BS from that game and two reasons to use the ACR instead of the G36C.


    The next game had ONLY bullshit, even my kills were bullshit.

    30 rounds fired into an enemy, reload, fire at him some more while he's stationary, for the kill.

    Enemy spots me around a corner over a second before he is visible on my screen.

    Second video, video of the first game:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ctSQV8_c9A&context=C4d0f23cADvjVQa1PpcFNZESGauFJ 3RnBOG1V94jaiDvAXXSxHWuQ=


    Third video, the second and completely broken game was back up in my vault (?!?!?!?!?):

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foKJHWlSfSQ&context=C4d0f23cADvjVQa1PpcFNZESGauFJ 3RnBOG1V94jaiDvAXXSxHWuQ=


    Enemies are FAR ahead of where I saw them on my screen when I HAD 4 GREEN BARS AND THEY 3.


    Instance 1: 10 rounds fired directly on the enemy, 15 hipfired directly at the enemy, 4 rounds wasted to the car and the hip-pre-fire before aiming, 1 round fired directly into the enemy aiming down the sights (missed because of the infamous 0.20(?) second hip-fire-while-walking-ADS-rule)


    Instance 2: I instantly died to an enemy that, on my screen, one-shot killed me from out of nowhere.

    I had 4 green bars he had 3, and I could not see him around that corner like the would-be-me saw him in this replay, and he saw me.


    Why am I not closer to what's happening on the server when I have 4 green bars?

    A perfect connection used to mean what YOU SAW was what's going on


    Now, it seems like what the guy with the WORST connection sees is what happens on the server.

    Some time in the future, I'm going to set up a throwning-knife kill around a large object where both players perform an impossible kill, each killing the other around an obstacle, creating a clear paradox.


    (Imagine a cat chasing a mouse around and around a barrel, and then the cat bites the mouse in the tail just as the same mouse catches the cat's tail on the other side; Neither of them could be in both places at the same time, yet that is the reality in the game.

    Where you are differ from where you are for other people.)

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      lag will do that every time m8, if the other play has lag you may never hit them because you see them shoot, your screen shows you hitting them but they have already moved so no hit detection, I've played on laggy games and watched player cover lots of gound in secs because of lag spikes.

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    Its usually my friends calling them hackers or something xD. But just the majority of the time its the other party yelling at how we're noobs, etc. Then we destroy them the next match.