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⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0 ~ FINAL


All rights to this Ideal Perk System goes to ZaTaisho!
- I appreciate and credit those who have helped, fixed, and analyzed the Perk System to become one of the most balanced fan-made Perk Systems up-to-date.

Creator's Links:
ZaTaishou - Youtube
ZaTaisho - Twitter

Knowing the System:

  • Each perk has 2 Pro abilities, instead of 1.
    • Each Pro ability has their own separate challenges to unlock.
    • Players can only choose 1 of these 2 abilities.
    • Players cannot obtain both Pro abilities, unless using the Specialist Package.
  • The first 2 perks in each Tier are available at Level 4 with Create-A-Class.
  • Proficiencies are not affiliated with the Perks in this System.
  • The Item Package is another version of the Care Package, granting items such as Body Armor, Death Machine, Grim Reaper, and Perks (not sure).
  • The Specialist Package:
    • You can only obtain Pro abilities when unlocked and selected.
    • You can only obtain all Pro abilities when unlocked.
      • 2 points = 1 additional perk
      • 4 points = 2 additional perks
      • 6 points = 3 additional perks
      • 8 points = 4 additional perks + all Pro abilities


= Ideal Perk System 3.0 =

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  • 1. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 2.0

    Ok, so I've made changes to the Perk System 2.0 to make it feel a bit more balanced (I hope), and to make it so that I fixed the abilities around for the appropriate perk, instead of having one adopting another.


    I do have to say that I am very glad that I am seeing many views for this thread, however, I would love to see you guys comment, compliment, or do something (except hating) on this thread.

    Please leave you opinions on what you think about this perk system.

    Thank you!

  • 2. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 2.0

    I have made changes to the Perk System. Now should look much more sense, balanced, and shouldn't have any redundant abilities.


    Tell me what you think in the comments!!!!!

  • 3. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 2.0

    how about no perks just you and your gun the way it should be.

  • 4. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 2.0

    Then it wouldn't be a modern "Call of Duty" game now would it?

    With the COD series adding new additions to the game, we actually have to have perk now. If we took all that away, they would be downgrading it, and it will no longer be what it used to be, what Call of Duty is.

  • 5. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 2.0

    i like this, one thing i would change though would be switching the pro+ effect on ninja with the first part of the saboteur+ effect. the second part of saboteur+ would stay.

    Ninja pro 1: completely silent

    Ninja pro 2: hear enemy sounds louder


    Saboteur pro 1: Sabotage enemy equipment

    Saboteur pro 2: invisible to sensory equipment and delay detection-triggered explosives

  • 6. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 2.0

    To be honest, I had that set-up in an earlier build, however, not only did people say that Ninja shouldn't counter itself, but it should be a "Ninja" perk (to an extent).


    If you look at Ninja and Saboteur, you can see that not only they have their base and compliment abilities, but each one has their own way on like for say, breaching a room. Ninja is great for not being detected, and Saboteur is great for bypassing equipment. On top of that, because the Pro abilities are split into 2, instead of all-in-one, you have to give some balance and counter to another perk.


    Besides, IW had it right with having Ninja and SitRep to compete against eachother with sound. Treyarch was right to have Hacker to become invisible to the Motion Sensor.

    However, with this set-up, this is the best option.

  • 7. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    I like this list alot, but some of them needs to be changed. PHANTOM shouldn't be immune to RECON. Perks shouldn't make other perks useless. I want the perks to cancel EACH OTHER out, not just one. Kinda like SP and Juggernaut does. And Ninja shouldn't be completely quiet. I like the fact in COD4, WaW, and MW3 that Dead Silence was just quieter footsteps. Quieter movement is overpowered imo. Especially stacking it with either PHANTOM or DEADEYE. That's just MY opinion, still tho, great list. Very balanced.

  • 8. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    your idea is good but I liked this once better http://www.hupitgaming.com/forum/11-call-of-duty/670040-what-mw3-should-have-bee n-perks-a-killstreak-ideas#670040

    its preety balanced and cool

    check it out

  • 9. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    I'm sorry dude, I can see he has his own balance, however, I am working on a Perk System that is most likely going to be in the next COD game and how I can arrange it, not create my own perk system and say this is what I expect.

    I give him credit for making all this information, but here are a couple flaws:


    1) Stopping Power and Juggernaut WILL NOT RETURN, if I have to repeat myself!

    2) Stealth perks such as Assassin will be split up into 2 perks, not all in 1.

    3) David Vonderhaar said that there will be no perk ability to regenerate health faster.

    4) Most likely there are not going to be percentage-wise abilities. This isn't a RPG game.


    My perk list is still updating very frequently, so keep an eye out for the updated versions!

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