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  • 10. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    The perk system has been updated!

    Tell me what you think about the new changes!

  • 11. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    is their going to be zombies?

  • 12. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    Definitely! Zombies have been Treyarch's soul to their Call of Duty games since back then. So, yes there will be Zaombies in Black Ops 2.

  • 13. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    UPDATE ~ 4/10/12 has been added!


    The perk system is nearly finished (or already finished)!
    PLEASE, and I beg of you guys to leave a comment on what you think on this Perk System. Please tell me what can be changed, added, replaced, or is not even needed, such as Steady Aim, the ability to Lock-on faster with launchers, or something.


    Your positive feedback is very appreciated :)


    = NOTE =
    Please refrain from suggesting another Perk System from another user, for I am only looking for positive feedback about MY perk system.
    Also, please don't comment anything that is negative. If you have a suggestion, please post it in a positive way. Thank you!

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    Exceed and Promotion should be removed IMO.


    Overkill/Exceed is pretty much useless because it can easily be done by picking up a random gun on the ground and technically you would have 4 perks.


    There should be no way to alter XP/CoD Points with a perk (Just my opinion)


    I wold try and add a couple of new perks instead of rehashing old ideas with new names though. Other than that it seems quite balanced, good work.

  • 15. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    I'm not sure if you know this but your perk list is getting some attention from a few YouTube commentators.


    I like the perk list by the way. Really good to see a perk list I can say is the most balanced perk list.

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    You have probably hit the perk system spot on here dude, although will say one thing about the tier 1 perks. I think 'promotion' is a great idea in theory but in practice it wouldn't be used, so effectly the perk is useless in a sense. Although balance is key in call of duty the other factor is competitive perks. In your tier 3 perks you have serious competition. Ninja vs Saboteur, Marathon vs lightwieght.....even in tier 2 the perks are dangerously competitive, be really hard to decide what setup to use, but for me 'Promotion' seems too weak.

  • 17. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    I thank you for all your positive feedback!

    I have just updated the Perk System yet again for 4/11/10.


    I have fixed some things around to make it more balanced and if you don't exactly understand a certain perk, then no worries, because later I am going explain every perk for each individual ability, explaining each effect to make sure there is no confusion.


    = NOTE =


    - I know that the Overkill perk seems weak, but truth is, it was always a weak perk to begin with. The added ability for Pro+ is a nice gain to make it stronger, however, the perk in whole will only depend on how well the weapons are balanced in the next game.


    - As for the Promotion perk, it is a weak perk to be honest, BUT it's not supposed to compete against the other competitive perks in the Tier. Promotion is just to give players who give up their 1st Tier for an extra XP and Currency boost, helping you unlock weapons/attachments/gear/etc... faster.

  • 18. Re: ⌈Black Ops 2⌋ Ideal Perk System 3.0

    I just have to say WOW. When I looked back at the perk system, I noticed that I have over 13,000 views!

    I'm glad that people are looking at my thread, however I would still like to hear some feedback from you guys.

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    In fairness to the Promotion perk, its not too weak as i first thought. This perk list is the most strongest and dangerous perk list out there. The amount of loadouts there are to use is quite amazing. Nice perk system dude. Hopefully Treyarch have seen this and use your perk system elements in their next COD installment.

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