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Creating a laid-back decent sniping/quickscope clan 4 ps3 mw3 & bf3

Sup guys n gals informin' people that i am making a quickscoping/sniping  clan becuz as we all know sniping is awesome and who doesnt love to hear kid scream after being pwnd with a MSR.Am i right?So their are a few rules though


  • must be 13 and older[preferably anyone who is mature]


  • Decent at quickscoping


  • A team player no K/d whore(trust me being a team player is better than being a k/d whore)


  • pssssttt.....one more thing...TELL YOUR FREINDS ABOUT IT TRY TO RECRUIT PEOPLE!!!


  • use a mic if you want.


  • we will mostly play ground war and team tatical for small 4 man squads


  • And the name of the clan issssss..............A30N hope you like it no need for new acc. just make it for clan tag



O yeah add me my psn:Cha0s_M0TiiOnZ jus message me or reply here l8tr guys