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Clan ops Off my chest


If this needs moved please move it. I've been playing this game for a very long time and I'm very angry with the way this elite is setup. I've purchased 2 mw3 and 2 elite packages one for my son and I and we never get to do any clan ops. There have only been a few and all held during weird times during a work week. There's never any on the weekends when people might actually be off from their jobs. Our clan is good and we have about 63 members and currently clan level 15 but we never get any chances to level up. I never ever understood how a huge game like COD never had any new weapons packs as add on content. They could make this game so much more fun but they choose to cycle the same stuff over and over. I dunno I'm just wanted to get this off my chest.  Oh and don't let me forget that I've called them at least 6 times because I still haven't received my prestige token from mw2. I was prestige 10 on that what a fail and it's been since November. It'll probably be the last time I purchase elite cause I'm not paying over 300 for a system that don't work. I have a 82% win ratio so I hardly ever lose its just sad because of the scam they are running.. Anyway if u wanna find my clan we are always looking for founders,premium and really good people cause all we do is win.. $!Ly 4 Life


I'm just looking forward to clan battles and don't know when any are? If anyone could point me toward some info it would help thanks..