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Assassin Feels Mandatory...

After a long break from MW3, it seems like almost everybody that i encounter now is running assassin pro or using a supressor,or a combination of both. With the horrible lag and uav spam does anybody else feel like they are  forced to use assassin/supressor just to have a fair chance to win and have a postitve kdr at the end of the match? Just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on this.

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    i use them... but ever since i started to play cod i have been the stealthy player that runs a silencer and lets go back to black ops and say ghost... just my preference. i still see alot of people, even in S&D that dont use them still going posotive. I can play without if i whant but its not my style

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    Depends on my playstyle for the match. If I'm using Specialist, or trying to flank Blind-Eye/Assassin comes in handy


    If I'm playing more stationary and trying to lock down Flags I use Recon/Hardline to help the team with painting enemies and getting Killstreaks.

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    I've used assassin for a lot of prestiges, the only reason I didn't use a token on it is because you unlock assassin at level 27 and its fairly easy to get pro on it (because of the UAV spam and the annoying use of portable radars). Two portable radars will work as a constant UAV for maps like dome. Recently, I tried to run quickdraw and hardline on my classes, I still use a silencer on most weapons except those that don't seem really good with it. However, I must say it becomes annoying when the other team spams UAVs and some ninja (Assassin pro) is just waiting for you around the corner, prone. You walk by, poof. Gone. Portable radar defeats the purpose of using hardline unless you're going for low killstreaks like UAV itself, care package or pred. But yeah, I think something could be done. Slower scans or make the portable radar cover as much area as the scrambler.

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    not at all, and i only have one blind eye, assassin class and thats just for a stinger anti-aircraft class, for when people dont shoot constant helos for me!  id rather play fully observant when people cant get enough recon.  assasin hasnt bothered me for mw3!?  if u do throw constant radar, i will switch up my class and run hardline, tac nades and just recon plane and anti-recon plane, and u will hate me for doing a better job at it than u!  a team loves radar and jammer, so i think its good if someone tries to recon way to much.

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    I don't blame the lag on using it, I prefer it becuase it gives me the element of suprise and forces people to to always watch their backs.

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    I play mostly HC and like the stealth and flank ability it affords because UAV's are up 90% of the game... I never tire of hearing, W.T.F?!

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      Until they remove the UAV or make it a higher point steak people will use it. As one of the above posts comments on, the UAV is constantly being spammed which if your going for the high end point streaks you need to counter it. I struggle with blindeye as I love running marathon or whatever its called in MW3 so I use specialist to cover all the basis. I tend not to silence as I like drawing the enemy in, find I get more kills quicker that way instead of searching the map endlessly for the enemy.

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    Nope I AVOID using it at all costs. But if the enemy is hb monitors, motion sensors and uav/scrub support spamming then by all means equip it.

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    All you guy's have really great points. I recently changed half of my setups to be stealth orienated because of all the people who always have their eye's glued to the radar. I find myself running support with the recon drone and emp now more often, it really cripples teams in core who cannot function without their mini map. I really feel like cod games are becoming more killstreak and mini map centered then actual gun on gun action. I hope blops 2 will be better than mw3.

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    I use Assasain as my main perk on a few classes, and I always have it mixed in when I'm using specialist (currently 1st since I'm trying to get it pro), but I wouldn't call it necessary.


    The only time I find Assasain necessary is when you come against teams spamming UAVs/CUAVs/EMPs or when they have a fair number of guys using portable radar/HB sensors. Obviously its a great counter to those, so if teams are abusing those, throw on Assasain.


    I think using a suppressor and some tacitcs is far more beneficial than using Assasain

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    Sadly it does feel like that unless you party up constantly. Potentially though in an one on one, it's alwayse better to have qdraw and that faster ttk adsed. In ffa imo it's thus much more effective to run qdraw or hardline. But when it's 6 vs 6 and 6 people can see your dot and where it's moving. Assassin comes into play quickly.


    Imo Assassin shouldn’t counter, CUAV. Counter uav should be an 6 support streak and in assault as a 4 point streak. This gives you two other options to counter uav spam, when the only real other option is using assassin, of course people will use that constantly, the specialist bonus should counter, cuav though imo. Ghost Pro / uavs were better balanced in black ops. Cuav worked against uav spam too and the blackbird (which needed a 8 gun streak without Killstreaks thus some actual aiming) countered Ghost pro itself. So you were not forced to use Ghost constantly as much. I nearly never used ghost myself in black ops, Flak Jacket Pro is awesome and uav spam had more counters.

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    People that moan against assassin are just lazy moaners that want the game to be to easy.


    When you get an UAV up, you just quickly count dots. 1 missing, 1 assassin user, just pay attention the spawns. You can roughly predict where people are going anyways.


    Its not that hard, and most people complaining about it, are just people going for high killstreaks who arent even running assassin themselves, so what are they moaning about? They would not even have an UAV up if it was up to them.

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      You're missing the point.

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      "People that moan against assassin are just lazy moaners that want the game to be to easy"


      You know a similar argument could made against Assassin-users too, right?


      One could just as easily say that those who use Assassin so much are simply cowards who otherwise couldn't win 8 out of 10 gun battles without getting the drop on the enemy first while the other 2 usually being panic knifing/dropshotting anyway, thus wanting the game to be easier for them too.


      So yeah, just saying...

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      First of all i never play for high end killstreaks or for my k/d, i play for the win. And i agree some people that complain about assassin just want it removed so they can see where everybody is at on the radar. But for me and a small percentage of others i just want it to be balanced so i dont feel forced to use it just to win. If assassin wasn't immune to cuav,portable radars, and hb sensors i wouldnt even think twice about assassin users.



      You took the words right out of my mouth.CUAV is pretty usless in mw3, they should have never made assassin immune to cuav. CUAV should have been definately a support killsteak at the same kill count of the uav. It would balance this game more and help with uav spam imo.



      Exactly, people are always saying "Stop complaining about assassin use your eyes,stinger missle, and shoot the uav down." While it's not impossible to do, there's is NO way only one person can destroy all the uavs that come up in one match by themselves.

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    I'm more of a Hardline Pro user but when I notice that Portable Radars/Heartbeat Sensors are all over the map & all I hear is "Enemy UAV Spotted" over and over again, I switch to my Assassin class.


    My Stinger Missile can only handle 2 UAV's per life or less depending on Air Support but the easiest option is to switch to Assassin if you're spending your time spinning in circles looking for those UAV's.

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    I only run assassin on my sniper and AA classes. its not worth putting in my assault and cqc classes since I use hardline to get my killstreaks sooner.

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    It isnt neccessary.

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    They need to just get rid of uav and assassin....problem solved

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    Prestiged last night so obviously i don't have it and by god how much i miss assassin....every game i played within different lobbies were uavs over half the game and it was a constant struggle

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    Ive said it many times to the people who moan about assassin, Take out UAV and motion sensors from the game and then you can take out assassin. And we would start off on a level playing field again. The average game is usually "enemy UAV incoming" most of the time and the anti assassin guys should acknowledge that fact.

    Half megatron, ive just noticed what you said and i agree 100%.

    Assassin removed and UAV removed= problem solved.

    Therefore you dont need to know where i am and i then dont have to hide from you.

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    STOP complaining!


    14 steps for a better game experience and a hippy happy life


    1. Take out mw3

    2. Break the disc

    3. Burn the disc

    4. Curse and spam IW

    5. Buy bf3

    6. Have fun playing the game

    7. Enjoy the graphics

    8. Enjoy a whole new game experience

    9. Learn how to work with your team

    10. Remember you can make a difference in a team not a selfish bastard with 100 moabs

    11. Enjoy the great community support and patches chosen by the community

    12. Enjoy the free ''elite'' version of bf3 (battlelog)

    13. Packs which includes new vehicles and weapons some are even free

    14. Don't need to worry about these things:

    - deathstreaks

    - OP guns

    - Akimbo endless accuracy

    - Lagg

    - Bad host

    - Quickscopers

    - I-paid-to-much elite (+servers down tr0l)

    - same game expierence as previous cods.

    - Dark corner/wall-headglitch campers

    - Troll support of IW


    Enjoy playing BF3

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    Tried BF3 and it is s**t compared to cod series. How many units have MW3 sold compared to BF3? The consumers answer my question.

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    Well if more people would use the stinger to take UAV down, then you dont need assassins.

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      Mate have you ever tried doing that, most of the time they are invisible behind cloud cover. I spent loads of games trying to do this whilst using hardline pro, all that happens is you get shot straight away and look like a **** starring up at the sky. Even the SAM turrets struggle on some maps. Why go through the misery, engage assassin and off you go.

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        Yeah, it all depends on map.


        On places like Fallen, Dome, Bakaara (in some spots anyway), Village, and such, spotting UAV stuff is pretty easy.


        Stuff like Bootleg, Lockdown, Downturn, and other places with plenty of tall buildings though, forget about it.

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    I only bring out my 'stealth class" when the other team spams the hell out of the UAV.  If they don't do that i don't use it.

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    Assasin isn't mandatory if you play Hardcore.

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    This guy is right, I wish Infinty Ward would just get rid of the radar as a whole and put everyone on a level playing field. Im tired of the uav spam

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    Well t if people use assassin I don't think it's really needed if you have skill but if your a camper I think it might be mandatory..

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    When I first started MW3, I would always use assasin. But now, I find that I go positive more often using other perks.

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    Assassin is not mandatory!


    I think too many players think that they really need it too succeed in the game - but they are pretty wrong!


    Of course, with Assassin you can "flank" enemy teams easier, you will surprise them easier - but assassin makes you slower while aiming!

    If you are in an battle against a skilled clan of rushers you might shoot in their backs - but you should better kill them instantly! Otherwise you´ll be dead cause they just turn around when they notice your shooting or hearing your footsteps and sweep you off!


    I am never playing with Assassin or Blind-Eye cause I am a Rusher! Sure, I get bothered by Assassins and camping Assassins quite often - but they defeat most of the time.

    In the match and in the K/D stats! The UAV we are launching often show "no one"...


    My opinion is: "Assassin" is useless if you are skilled. It might be useful for the absolute Beginners, Snipers and Cowards...