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Really ? Pro gamer really play a game with this kind of spawns ? This is just ridiculous !

I'm a old gamer and i'm really surprised to see MW3 Devs really ****** up with their spawn zones. I can't imagine a game made by a gamer can have a better gameplay than 1 of the most popular tiltle created. Ok popular can be noob wanna spawn kill like a b*i*t*c*h. Day of defeat's gameplay and spawns zones are really nicely done. Why MW3 can't do the same by using a little space on the map where only spawned play can have acces ? MW3 = Unreal with normal weapons ? You really need to fix your spawns. Pro gaming on this spawning system is just ridiculous. Waiting in a corner for an enemy teloporting in front of you, is just fun for kids they don't know how to fight.


Long live to DOD !

A game made by gamerz for gamerz !


''Dod source'' suckz !