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U.S. MILITARY Clan is open to all active duty and former military service members.  This is an integrated military clan and consists of all branches of service. It does not matter what your KDR is, the only qualifying factor is military service.  We are currently the largest clan on PS3 with over 160 members in two chapters. MIL1 is a LVL 26 and MIL2 is a LVL 24 clan.  We've got 5 gold medals on Clan Ops.  To join the clan and community go to www.facebook.com/groups/U.S.MIL.Clan.  After a simple service verification process we will add you to the team. 

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    3 Chapters, 200 members.  U.S. Military Clan!  Search U.S. Military on Elite for Medal Count.  Open to AD or former military service members ONLY!  Thought the thread could use an update...