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i need 50 member to join the UnReaLZProLeauge if u want to know more then contact me at bailey.brown2009@hotmail.com.

i prefer phone ; contact me at night even if im still sleepin i dont care aslong as you can contact me by cell phone house phone or any phone and i like texting too so feel free to blow up my phone with messages. my phone number is --->  # 1-573-208-5480 and im only 3 prestige Level 48 or 49 i cant remember because i have internet on one computer but no wireless accessories that can connect to networks internet i like totaly screwed it up i dont have internet for like probably another week so hopefully ill be on soon and since i dont use my email then contact me by phone or reply on my post if you dont have a phone period then reply here ok thank you and have a fun time playin some MW3!!!!!!!!   


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