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So, how can my stats in game change so drastically from day to day?

So, how the heck do my quality of games change so drastically playing at the same time, two consecutive days?








How the heck does my in game experience change so drastically between two consective days playing, at the same time, same everything except for the dang game...

This happens when I play at night too, just had already captured one of these pictures, so it was easy to cap the one from this morning as well.

Anyone else have experiences like this, with huge swings in their scores?


Note: I checked my pingtest and speedtest results both mornings as I always to before playing this game to make sure my ISP isnt up to no good lol.


Edit: Those are all gun kills btw, so its not a difference of I got a pavelow every match yesterday, and today I didnt get any KS. Im running support on all of my classes, with UAV and Vests only.