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We play these maps everyday, but how much attention do you REALLY pay?!?

First off, this is just a light hearted, for s#!ts and giggles sort of thing!.


So, we play these maps everyday, or regularly enough anyway, and as such know them like the back of your hand! But how much attention do you really pay to the maps? Hers a few fun questions that me and Clan mates were talking about.


And there not just tiny, smalll, hard to notice things, most of these are easily seen but never looked at even at a glance and it's actually surprising sometimes. Anyways on with the fun!...


   1. On Dome, if your up on the walkway, there is a quote written on the Dome, easily seen when laying on the walkway in Infected. What does it say?            (This is a hard one)


   2. In Arkaden, if you walk up the central escalator at Burger Town, there is a big white Perfume shop in the right corner, its name is huge on the front.            What's the name of it?


   3. Resistence, B Flag Alley Way, people snipe from the steps looking down to the Gift Shop and Vice Versa, but there is a diamond shaped sign hanging out over the road. What does it read? Its actually easy to see while playing.


   4. Downturn, ( I know, everyones favourite map!) There are two underground stations, can you name even one? I dont blame you if you cant!


   5. Hardhat, my personal favourite question here...what is the name of the building being built in Hardhat? You actually cant miss it! Theres about 4 or 5 rather large signs scattered throughout the map saying whats it's called.


   6. Fallen, dead centre of the map, there is a bomb site there, inside like a walled area. Right beside that Bomb Site, there is a statue. Whats that statue of?


   7. On another horrible map, Outpost, Imagine yourself on the small walkway at the back of the map near the bunker entrance, people use it quite often in Infected, but on the back of that Tower thing, there is a sign that is a play on words of "United States Of America". What is it?


   8. This one is easy since you spawn facing it alot of the time when playing. On Underground, What is the name of the train station your fighting in?


There ya go just a few random questions to break the monotony of trolls and noobs and the like! And again please take this as a bit of fun, Im not sad, I didnt go out of my way to find these, there just something I've notice and clan mates have noticed while playing, and just wondering how much you pass by completely!