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New Community Manager

So whiteboy7thst was just announced as the new CM of IW....


I think I'm done with this game now.

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    Is this a joke?  Please tell me it's a joke.  I enjoy some of his videos, but I'm surprised that guy can tie his own shoes let alone manage anything

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    Really? Source?

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    His videos are rigged and fake as hell. He rages from any match that start to go South. He'll fit right in

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    Im done...I hate that guy. All he does is back out of games.

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    Robert Bowling was the CREATIVE STRATEGIST. Not COMMUNITY MANAGER. God damn he must have been tired of hear people calling him community manager.

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      Malviouz wrote:


      You must be an idiot or a stupid kid if you can't see that he is joking.


      PS: Robert Bowling was the CREATIVE STRATEGIST. Not COMMUNITY MANAGER. God damn he must have been tired of hear people calling him community manager.


      How so. He has not done anything to indicate that he is not telling the truth. Every major CoD commentator seems to believe him and if he is lying, then I can guarentee you that he has lost the last little remaining bit of respect that the community has for him. I follow a lot of commentators on Twitter as a way to get some exposure for my own channe; and believe me when I say that Twitter is going crazy with tweets about this.


      Community Strategist or Community Manager or whatever position he has, if any... a rose by any name would smell as sweet/if it looks like a duck; if it swims like a duck, it is a duck/et al.

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      his role was comunity manager hence why he managed the community. that creative statigest was a more recent titel.

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    He would be better with connecting to te community more at least.

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    Is that the guy that tries to sound like krusty the clown?...i think i watched one of his videos and was annoyed by his voice. Yea he should fit right in here with all the other clowns running the place. HELLOOO BOYS AND GIRLS! ..

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    well he needs to jump on here and speak to us and let everybody know what the FUK has happened to this $HIT game

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    Are u F****** kidding me ?

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    Whoever gets the job will get flamed, the role requires you to lie through your teeth and ignore the community, update twitter that your going for lunch or that you had a great time at some fundraiser meeting the famous. Oh and ensure you take a long holiday on release day.

    Why not have the lead from the ps3 team (xbox team accordingly) update twitter/community and have the actor from the content drop videos deal with the publicity side of the business. Even though you wouldn't believe a singe word he says at least he is funny.

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    I highly doubt that it would be him, if it is, good for him as we need someone from the community. I don't like his channel though.

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    I think it's all to do with getting attention with his YouTube channel to be honest.


    I don't think he's community manager.

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    The amount hate for hates' sake on this site is laughable.


    If it is him, personally, I'm happy for him. I'm not a subscriber to his channel but a million others are. Think that's easy to do? Give it a go and get back to me on that.

    And hell, his success on youtube is a great story from what little I know about him. Seems he was po' as hell, living in the slums.. I'm not sure if he had a job of any sort then or not.. i've been there; it's hard as hell to motivate yourself to do anything to get out of that situation when it's all around you all day every day.


    And now he's making a living from youtube, got himself a house. Looks like a generally happier dude now.


    Congrats to him if it's true.

    Congrats to him anyway for what he's been able to do so far.

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      I'll agree with the Youtube success.  Good for him on that.  But for a company like IW to hire someone who can't speak or spell correctly to be a 'Community Manager' is a joke.  As @gamehub says though 'we need someone from the community,' so in that regard, I'll hold on to hope that it could be a good thing.

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      Whoever gets the job will be disliked, that's the passion of the community mate.

      However if the following games plays better than MW3 then whoever gets the job will be laughing, makes their life a whole lot easier.

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    I really doubt this. 


    Him becoming community manager would likely destroy his youtube career because of the lost views from people who stop watching because they perceive that he isn't doing a proper job.


    But alas, he is probably to stupid to realize this and I reckon he spent half a second thinking about it, if he really was offered the position.

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      I doubt it because he's a ps3 fanboy. Though he has proven to only really care about money like-whoring like no other, so yeah it might be true..


      I would not give two shi-ts about youtube, if I could get Bowlings salary myself..

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    It's just a joke.  I didn't know this whiteman was either.  I decided to watch a video of his, and he doesn't seem to be the character type for the job.




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    He's a publicity hungry loser that is renown to pull every trick in the book to get more and more publicity. He will have simply staged this latest "news" to increase his exposure as he has done before.


    Anyway here's a vid of him in action, grown man continuously threatening very young children. Note the shameless malice in his voice. Really? Against kids??? Wheres the enjoyment in that?:


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU4pdMrIYzY&feature=plcp&context=C3d5ac8eUDOEgsTo PDskIPaBEEkDtbQaQ8bHIj4DLn


    Hes a twisted up little creep. Still believe he's going to get employed now? Then again he does have a huge fanabase of gullible morons that he regularly uses to spread his bull. Such a rancid infection of a man. Enjoy!