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All Girls Clan? :D

Okay, Ladies!


Yes, it's another one of those attempts at an All Girls Clan!


I've seen a few advertised here and there and I've had offers, but none that really stuck out to me. Most clans that are exclusive to girls will let any girl in, and let's face it, we girls have a lot to prove when it comes to video gaming. Not many guys really take us seriously, and why should they when most of us drop Negs every game?


I want that to change. I want to form a clan that people will most certainly remember. Remember us for our skill, not for what's beneath our shirts and skirts.


I usually go two or three nights without seeing another girl in my lobby, but I've seen quite a lot recently and I think now is the time to do this.


I have a pretty badass name picked out, but I'd love to get some feedback and see what you girls think about this! Feel free to message me as well.


Remember, if nothing else, we have the element of surprise. Who would ever expect a clan of finely trained pink ninjas?


- That Girl Janie