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Need a few more players for new clan

I've recently started a clan on xbox, recruiting objective team players and we are are couple of players short, there are currently about 7 of us bbut we need more so that we will always have a full team online. we will be mainly playing objective based game types like domination, headquarters etc but we will play other game types like TDM and kill confirmed as well. We are based in the UK so will generally be on late GMT most days. We are looking to play tactically and be competitive but have fun whilst doing so. You don't have to have an amazing kd or win loss ratio, you also don't need to be an elite premium member or anything although it would be helpful as we will be attempting some clan ops but as long as you're mature and enjoy the game we'll be happy to have you


If you're interested then reply to this or send me a message on xbox, gammertag:     x SkullCrusha x