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Profile has been tore apart!


Yeah so I was getting bored of being 15th prestige so I though why not I will reset my stats. So I reset about 2 weeks ago...Until the weekend I had managed to work my way back up to 3rd prestige with a 2.2kd, 4.0 for wins and 24% for accuracy...NOWWWWWW i come on to be told that ive been reset back to 15th prestige which I didnt want and EVEN WORSE today I log on and im 3rd prestige with a 0.22 kd, 0.59 for wins and 3% accuracy!


Someone please help!!!!!!!!!


Plus I was 400th for Team Deathmatch

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    Is there any chance that your profile has been compromised in one way or another? You didn't mention your stats when you were reset "back" to 15th prestige, so (assuming the stats weren't the same) maybe someone is toying with and playing on your account - and by that I mean leveling you extremely rapidly, thus the drop in your kill/death ratio. Change your password and check for any sort of malignant software.