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Clan Invitation Problems.

Hello everyone, I am a clan leader and i have a lot of people wanting to join my clan but they are having problems accepting or not getting the invites. When I send people the invitation they always come back to me and tell me "Did you send it yet" or "I don't see any invites" lastly, "When I accept the invitation it brings me to an error page." Is there anyone else having this problem? Also, is there any way of getting this fixed? That'll be great, thank you.


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    I have the same issues we have 60 members and i constantly resend invites.. I found that using a pc with mozilla works the best it just sucks looking up every person you want to invite. The console is faster but I recieve the error when i do the invite that there not an elite member when i know they are. So as of now its still buggy..





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      Yes i also use Mozilla Firefox. I have about 84 members and now some of the people joined. It's just that if they don't receive it at that moment, they would receive it really late. I usually tell my members to accept it from the PC.