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Accidental Spawn Trapping on Arkaden.  Bonus link to 3 MOAB vids with L86 Thermal, MP-7 and Mk46

So I was sniping on Arkaden on HC DOM.  The enemy was taking B but I couldn't see him.  As soon as he took B and got up, I shot him.  Then something funny happened.  All of a sudden the entire team was spawning right in front of me.

(Mind you, we were losing and only held A. So these weren't prime conditions for spawn trapping, which I wasn't trying to do. I was simply trying to protect B and wanted the win.  The game was still a loss and this was a freak occurence. But I digress)

Next thing you know, I killed 14 people in a matter of seconds.  Now keep in mind I am not showing off and I did not expect this to happen.  If it happened to me, Id be really ticked off.  This just goes to show you how bad it can get on certain game modes.  I actually just deleted a bunch of friends who play HC DOM.  The would take all positions and the enemy team would end up stuck in one room with no way out.  I don't find that to be fun.  Yeah it's funny when it happens on accident like this, but who really wants to play like a cheat all the time?  Enjoy the clip.



MOAB links in second comment.