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Sniping in black ops 2 has to be the closest to cod4

In cod4 the load in time for snipers was absolutely perfect. The hit detection was perfect as well. Modern warfare 2 had great sniping, the load in time was just a tad to quick but great hit detection as well. Black ops load in time was the closest to cod4 but this is where the flaws come. I love black ops and think it has a bunch of potential but i hope developers see this. The sway MUST go. The sniper rifle usage must be better even though im great at sniping all the time no mean to be cocky at all either. Second, the registration must be ALOT better. When i aim at someones head and pull the trigger hes dead no question. But in black ops it seems like the registation is inconsistent. The hit detection must good better. A lot of factors come into such as the game must be 60 frames and I know 100% that black ops wasnt its impossible. The connection has to be better as well. Theres a lot of confounding variables that come into play as well. Modern warfare 3 was just way too easy to snipe. It was horrible it required absolutely no skill. The load in time was way too quick. A player that has never sniped before can kill anyone in that game and thats just not right. Black ops 2 i have a feeling is going to bring back that sniping we all love as a community similar to cod4 or at least at worst to modern warfare 2s sniping. Also, one thing i forgot to mension is the game must have a wider variety of snipers. Thats one thing I will give props to mw3. There should be 6 snipers because in black ops no one really used the wa2000 and dragunov so it literally made it down to 2 sniper rifles. I hope Vahn sees this and takes it into consideration because if all these points are nailed this game will be flat out raw. I have a huge feeling this game is going to be the closest we will ever see to cod4 and better then the first black ops. Please feel free to leave any comments and tell me what you think.