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Re: "Noob" weapons


Okay everyone, this thread is a place for you to post what weapons you think are "noob". However, you MUST have a reason/explanation of why it's "noob". The goal of this thread is to encourge debate and hopefully revamp some of our opinions.

You can list any weapon except akimbo machine pistols (I'm pretty sure that's already been decided...)

Hope to see some activity here! Oh yes, no insults please - let's keep the debates friendly for everyone

I'll also try to maintain and update the following list of weapons people posted on here with some of the reasons and number of times they've been mentioned.


"Noob" Weapons (according to this thread)

Akimbo Machine Pistols (already decided) - spray and pray, immensely powerful, too much range, too accurate

PP90M1 (5) - spray and pray, like akimbos but less OP, super fast rate of fire which kills really fast, small recoil

P90 (3) - huge mags, kills fast with rapid fire, little recoil

Striker (3) - immensely powerful, verging on OP, easy to hipfire

Barrett .50 Cal (2) - large mags, little delay between shots

Type 95 (2) - like sniper-shotgun, fast rate of fire

RSASS (1) - like .50 Cal but with smaller recoil/less damage

MK14 (1) - one shot kill with Damage proficiency

ACR 6.8 (1) - no recoil

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    PP90, P90, akimbo Machine pistols (especially FMG9s), Barrett 50. cal, Striker.


    Every single one of them is spray and pray, inmensely powerful and with huge mags.

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    the pp90 is a noob weapon because its just like the akimbos out there but less op.

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    p90m1- super fast rate of fire, kills ridiculously quick at short/medium ranges. If the maps were more spread out like blops, I wouldn't consider it op, but since the maps are so compact and thrown together it is a force to be reckoned with


    p90 rapid fire- on it's own, the p90 is a powerful gun, but with rapid fire equipped it's outlandish in how quickly it kills. It has very good range and is efficient at killing at long distances, and kills people almost as quickly as the pp90. it's just not fair


    mk14 damage (hack, obviously)- one hit kill, what more needs to be said



    Striker- verging on op but not quite because it is limited to a relatively short range, although the map layouts play to this advantage. It is still avoidable in a lot of situations

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    Akimbo MPs = Powerfull, way too accurate pray and spray weapons, lethal on longer distances when they're supposed to be the most usefull on close range, underdogs on medium and useless on longer distance.


    PP90M1 = Small recoil, very fast RoF which will easily defeat any weapon on close to medium range which is even worse because of the small maps.


    P90 = Another piece of cake recoil, very powerfull, large mags, allows you to move very fast, extremely OP with rapid fire.


    Type 95 = Combination of sniper and shotgun with small recoil and quite fast RoF for a burst weapon.


    Striker = Large mag, requires no ADS, easy to hipfire, semi automatic with small delay between the shots, too good range without the profiency.


    MP7 is fine but it should have just a little bit increased recoil, thats really it, I don't find that weapon too much of a problem.


    Barret has too fast fire rate, no delay between the shots, RSASS is pretty much the same but has smaller recoil and slightly less damage, still adding Acog and having Aim Assist on makes them even worse just like every sniper rifle...


    I think that was really it, the balance of SMGs is horrible in general.

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    who said rsass?? and barret? it depends how you use it... if you spray with it yea op if you snipe nope its not op



    and rsass.. only agoc is nub

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    Barrett is for noobs, RSASS is not, since it doesn't have a freaking 1 hit kill spot to pretty much the whole body.

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    PP90M1 = small recoil? Let's see you unload that at long range and see how you get on. Especially when you compae it to every other gun in the game

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    PP90M1 = Crazy fire rate.


    Type 95 = No need for explanation.


    Snipers = I know all the "proquickscope360WEED" will hate me for this, but all the snipers in this game are easy mode. You don't even need an ACOG to be cheap with them, just put assassin and blind eye, hide in the darkest corner and get your Pavelow. If you really want to show you're good at something go quickscope with a Dragunov.


    ACR = Outclasses every single other AR except for the Type 95. No recoil mode and very good damage. Put silencer and extended mags, but then don't be showing off if you get a MOAB.


    Knife = Bring back 2hit kill melee system.

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