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Map Pack 1 confusion??

Hi all,


bare with me here, Im a tad confused. I got the standard edition of MW3 and saw the 'map pack 1' collection the other day and brought it as my mate was around so we downloaded it and it was all good. NOW, after literally a few days it doesnt work. Whenever I try and load a multiplayer game with DLC it always says I have missing maps.


Im assuming as the 2 new maps sanctuary & foundation are out I cannot play DLC playlists as Im now missing these two new maps? Before I could log on and select something like 'collection 1 maps' and load up a game with all the new maps. This doesnt seem to be there anymore after a new MW3 game update.


Does this basically mean Ive spent 1200 points for a few day of playing, to now mean I cant play any of these maps until I either cough up for a premium account or wait until the next map collection comes out in a few months??



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    the new maps out mean that the playlist has now gone back to eliet playlists your maps will now be in rotation. try loading them up in private to check they work

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    Hi, I've spent a while with Activision today. Basically you can only play the new maps in the standard playlists ie you can not play them in Hard Core unless you are a Premium Elite Member. I bought the maps to play HC with my friends, some of which are Premium Elite Members but couldn't as the game states you now have to have the Sanctuary Map which you can't get. Basically, I have also wasted 1200 points and told Activision I am not happpy as at no time was I made aware that you could not use the maps in HC. As a side issue they said they will be playable in the future but couldn't advise n a date, maybe it will be before November when the next game is out.... As a matter of interest, was anyone told about this before they bought their non refundable DLC1?

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      I cant imagine this is correct when searching for a lobby the button at the bottom shows disable dlc right? that would indicate the maps packs are enabled.


      It makes zero sense you couldn't use the new content pack 1 in all play lists. im fairly sure I have played the new maps on team tactical before. Maybe you just got a bad customer service rep when you called support I would call back for clarification.

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    i just bought the new maps and the same thing is happeing to me has this been fixed yet

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    Yh, bought the map pack 1 yesterday... and i haven't played them yet...
    only the face off maps... but it's free ...


    It sucks...
    Because in the standard playlists, there were maybe 1 or 2 guys in a lobby that have those map pack, so i can't play on them...

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    Whenever you search a multiplayer match with DLC collection 1 you will only be matched with other players who have the 1st collection unless you search a game with a friend who doesn't have the maps then it will search lobbies for people with no DLC.