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What Maps would you Change and how?

Whats up guys! heres the video showcasing the answers to my last question..




and i have a new question for you guys..


What maps would you Change? and How would you change them!


All answers will be posted on my new Video that I will be doing every week. Or maybe every other day.. Depending on how popular this gets.


If your Map idea isnt Creative, Or changes the spawns it will not be showcased.. im talking about major changes like removing buildings, stairs, Doors, Windows, Tanks, Humvees, Underground pathways.. ETC.. Most creative comment will get top spot!


Much love


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    Dome needs changed, it's ok for TDM and other kill based gamemodes, but in all objective based games it's so easy to spawn trap


    It's just too small

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    all the dlc maps, because their ****

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    Moar rain!

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    sorry and bear with me, but to me, there's NOOOO map that i like...when i think about war, i see battlefields in jungles, etc., but at mw3 nearly ALL maps are settled in towns...and btw, war in a mall? totally makes me sick...and second problem to me is the size of maps, as i sometimes feel claustrophobic and also feared that someone could get spawned on my head or on my shoulders...nooo, JUST TOOOOOOOOOOO SMALL !!!!! there's no map to me, even the new ones, i like, as i could say i hate them...black ops was not the best, but its maps were SUPERIOR against those...


    bout dome...don't know what they thought by developing it...as i play s&d most, i find this (not only this, but this) map annoying...you start in house, enemies cover the doors or walk 5 ft to bombs and camp, and you try desperately to leave the building to place the bomb, just to find the guys well positioned out there, throwing their ALL, flash, etc, shooting the hell on your nooby a**, trying to exit on two wimpy doors...AAARGGH, WTF !!

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    I think in general all the maps feel claustrophobic, with maybe the exceptions of Bakaara, Villiage and Interchange. There just isn't any room to breathe on them- I am not talking camping- I am talking about constantly looking behind you every two seconds incase somebody spawns behind you... even if you have your back to a wall Dome is basically Noobtown redux, for some reason every player on the planet loves small claustrophobic maps with terrible spawns and constant grenade and flash spam. How I manage good scores on it is beyond me at times! I guess my suggestion would be just open these maps up a little, make them a little bigger, give them more features- it took me about a month to be able to tell them apart, whereas on MW2 or Blops I learned them pretty quickly as they had variety, features etc. I'm not advocating say, Derail sized maps, but somewhere in between would be nice. The DLC maps look like they have a little more space on them, so maybe I will enjoy them a little more than the original maps when Collection 1 comes to PS3. This being said, I have learned the maps very well and in time I have come to enjoy playing on them... just in my heart of hearts I know they are inferior to the maps on Black Ops and a world apart from those of MW2 and COD 4.

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    Dome 'A' spawn. Reason: 'A' spawn gives you temp invincibilty at the start of the round while you're capping, may work for grenades and such, but not with throwing knives.

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    I feel like several maps have potential but the developers opted to create claustrophobic, narrow, one dimensional paths that only cater to run and gun gameplay. As I walk around a map I find myself always asking "why can't I jump on this?" I miss the mw2 maps and if that game wasn't hacked i would stick with that. But anyways, here are some ideas:


    - Arkaden... Why can't we get on the second/ third story of the level? Why can't we get in most of the shops? Aren't the shops kinda what makes it a mall? I'd like to see that opened up a bit more. If you go into theater mode and free roam you'd see the parking garage next to the mall is quite large and could provide an interesting battlefield as well.


    - Interchange... Way too one dimensional. Why not open up some of the overpasses and give snipers a decent line of sight? I'm not saying open the entire thing up but maybe give it a little more altitude in places.


    - resistance... Maybe have more buildings in the middle to go through. Or at least open up more of the buildings so that's it's not just a maze shuttling players from one spawn to the other.


    I don't know. I could go through each map one by one and say there's failed potential. I just hate the feeling of being in a maze and going for the cheese in the middle. That's all sledgehammer did in these maps. That's my two cents.

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    i liked when they redid that beach map in waw, made it night time!  so i wouldnt mind seeing the new york highrise map redun at night time, but all the construction is finished, and its a midnight at night club or elegant restraunt!

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    On hardhat in that room with the cage where everyone gathers i'd just open the door in there so the multi story building becomes open, in arkaden open up the car park and the upsatirs section to that little bar and in outpost put a path up to that massive building plopped on that hill.