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    MUPHinATHONG wrote:


    As of now, CoD has way too many things that are too good for the type of game that CoD is...

    Call of Duty is the type of game where anyone is to be able to pick up and play it. If they overcomplicate everything they will have fewer people buying it. There is a reason why COD outsells Battlefield. It is simple and easy to play.

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    1. it doesn't reduce recoil it removes muzzle flash, giving a clearer view when firing.

    2. it reduces the range so at mid range you need 1 more bullet, so in a fair fight you should lose it if you have a silencer.

    3. red dots, holo, acog, and thermal sights also reduce the visible flash but not to the same degree as silencers.

    4. every bullet travels at the same speed in cod, BF use projectiles COD uses hit scanners.


    the guys at dice are giving plenty of years between games to create new engines and improve their game, they also get support from other studio's that don't FPS, the COD dev have 2 years between each game they make, however they also have improve on ideas that the other dev came up with so really they have 1 year to make it and 1 year to improve it and keep it up to date and they have to do with out external support Usually.

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    NO just learn to deal its them.

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    Sillencers dont bother me, but I wouldnt care if they actually reduced the damage overall on them, instead of just at range, I use silencers on pretty much every gun because there isnt a reason not too really, if they put a 20% overall damage reduction at every range then maybe it would make it a bit more of a challenge.


    I really do find MW3 very boring, maps arent good/guns kill too quick/quickscoping etc and one thing I have noticed, is that the player numbers arent that high, maybe 500k a night if they are lucky, even when content drops, the player count doesnt seem to go up that much, atleast not like when BO had double xp or map packs come out.


    IMO. the entire MW series is broken beyond repair at this point, it started going down hill with MW2, they need to fix alot of things besides the surpressors.

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    They could make more cons to it but its not really needed.

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    Shadow3Assassin wrote:


         I don't want to go all "it's not like real life" on you, but silencers do not make your gun as supressed as they are in the game. They actually still make quite a bit of noise.

    You're absolutely right about that. They don't suppress the movement of the action, hammer, trigger, or the super-sonic soundwave that a bullet makes while it's traveling through the air (a.k.a. sonic boom). But they do a good job with bolt action rifles, especially when you use subsonic ammo. All you hear is the click of the hammer, and the bullet impacting the target. All that being said, I don't want to go all "it's not like real life" on you, but mini maps don't exist in the real world. It's not like you can just glance up and to the left to see where the bad guys are while you're on the battlefield. You have to use your eyes and ears to determine where the bad guys are. So why do you rely on the minimap?

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    mate in RL suppressers do not remove 100% of sound only make it quieter and they are actually used because they reduce recoil by adding weight to the front of the gun and lessen the muzzle flash making it easyer to aim.


    As for this game they work as intended you stay off the radar and force players to use there eyes and you get less overall damage and just to point out if someone shoots you in the back it doesn't make a difference whether they have a suppresser or not

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    I agree with the OP 90%.

    Most guns, except Shotguns and sometimes Snipers, aren't neccessarily better with silencers, though.

    x0,75% range is a very cheap price to pay to stay of the radar.


    "I think what they should do in the next COD is make it within a certain range, silencers put you on the mini map."

    / This is exactly what I've been thinking as well.


    Other suggestions to balance it:

    *Make the range penality  0,50%  instead of 0,75%.

    (This would really get ppl thinking before putting on a silencer.)


    *Make the gun 10-15% weaker damage-wise.

    (This, too, would make ppl think twice.)


    Ppl who say silencers aren't really that effective, without even knowing the benefits, are just plain dumb.


    On a sidenote:

    A player who wants a lot of attention and wants ppl constantly approaching him/her, can be really dangerous w/o a silencer.


    Also, in a team of 6 players there's a good idea to have 2 or 3 of the members w/o a silenced weapon, since they create room for the ones with silenced weapons.


    But in the long run, silencers are Super Effective.

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