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Nuk3m Gaming Clan. Recruiting first 15 people. Join now and be part of something new ( PS3 )

Nuk3m Gaming is a clan were we will not just be specific on the type. We dont care what you play like but we need anyone at the moment. So far there is only 3 members including me but this is only the begginning. We are looking to get about 18 people all together to get our clan started. All we want is the player to have a little bit of style. You dont have to be good. We should be hitting youtube in the summer too so our clan will get bigger and bigger. Any video editor or maker please give a shout too. Dont think this clan is rubbish because were letting anyone join we just need to get it started and we dont care if anyone is bad as Me, Kazim1_786 and Co-Owner Toixx_Sharxxxz will help you improve and we aren't going to any trials for the first 15 but if anyone has a doubt on how good we are we will give you a 1v1. I have never lost a 1v1 online using guns and Toixx_Sharxxxz is a really good quickscoper. P.S. you dont need to be a sniper to join you can even hate sniping but we want our clan to have different types of players. So add Kazim1_786 and give me a mesage or give a message here.



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