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WE NEED MORE PREMIUM MEMBERS FOR CLAN OPS (PS3)   We are level 21 GOLD TAGS ETC. 1.50 clan KDR 42 members strong We came in 837 out of 24k+ in last clan op


(RISE TO GLORY) (PbbbS3) (U.S.A) Level 21

Who we are- (RTG) has been playing together since MW1.Our favorite and most played game mode is domination.At this time we are looking for more people with premium elite to join us,if you prefer domination game mode this is the clan for you.


Non domination players-Yes we want you too.
I am looking for people to run their own squads under the (RTG) banner!For instance if you prefer TDM,or Kill Confirmed,Headquartes,SnD etc, join the clan build your squad,just keep me up to date with what's going on and participate in clan ops. We would even be wiiling to have a clan or clans merge with us.


Requirments- age 16+  1.30 kdr or higher,must have a mic and paid elite premium,and have a desire to participate in clan ops. Every clan op that we have had 6 people for the full time we have scored gold,and we're ranked 997 out of 18k+ clans in the team deatmatch op.



To join-If you want to start your own squad or join us in domination glories,and you meet the requirments.You can message here or hit us up on our elite page.MY Psn is Diesel-Swagger

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