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Domination...Where to draw the line?


Let me set this up right quick....Game was domination...Map was resistance...6 randoms Vs. Full party...3,2,1, GO...cap home flag ("C") run through and throw grenade at trucks by the stairs leading to "A"...get shot...respawn, run to center building with the hole in the floor, get a kill, next guy kills me. Respawn...by this time the enemy has Pavelows, Attack helis, and airstrikes rolling through the map (the skys were full of killstreaks from here on out)...we lose 200-95.


I realized within the first minute and a half of the game that attempting to get another flag would just end up in me basically feeding killstreaks. After the game was over (i will post scores below) I said half sarcastic half truth, that my team was awesome and I was the only one who went positive. Now here is where it will get controversial.  I got called out and was told that K/D means nothing. Which I agree with 99% of the time. Especially in domination. I play the objective (1,200+ caps with around 5,000+ kills) and do ok enough to enjoy playing. Still, no one wants to die a hundred times a game.


Winning team scores (GT's removed for obvious reasons)




Losing team scores (GT's removed for obvious reasons)




Pretty sure that I will get flamed a little for my choice of words in the lobby and that is fine. I shouldn't have said it but I was a bit aggravated. It was not right of me to jump on my team as they WERE trying to go for the win. Like I said, I was just aggravated that they were feeding killstreaks and then not doing anything to knock them down. I was able to get two pavelows and one attack heli knocked out. There is a difference between trying to win and just running around feeding killstreaks.


So my question is...Where do you draw the line between trying to win and just feeding other players killstreaks? (Sorry, post got a little long there)

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    either back out of game, taking a loss or keep playing your game and still take a loss. only way to prevent stuff like that is get some friends on that know how to help.  random groups suck on dom

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    There are 2 things at play here. Firstly, lag comp and secondly, teammates skill.


    After a few deaths/kills you can gage the lag comp issue/benefit and adjust you load out to do the best you can but at some point, most likely when the match is almost halfway through and the enemy has a 25% lead and 2 flags capped it’s time to draw the line. At that time you need take another approach. I always try to gauge this as soon as possible then switch to assassin pro and blind eye pro with a silenced weapon, camp a flag to get some kill streaks going and then try to clutch play and get flags once my air support’s called in.


    In the end it’s all about the lag comp and your teammate’s skill level. Playing with randoms makes this much more difficult - especially when the other team is partied up.

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      theres allways a way through if your playing dom you just need to switch the spawns for example if there on A & B and your held back on C use a quick class with a smoke grenade you can see where all your team are dying so head the opposite was to A pop a smoke and wait for the cap.if not the smoke grenade does mess with the campers.

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    Your problem is that you're playing without a team. You'll always get paired up with retards who suck if you play alone.

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    By that point, you're probably going to lose and nothing can be done about it.  But I usually switch to assassin, blind eye, and use a silencer and go for a flanking run around "C" assuming you hold "A".  But I don't get "C".  I just go for the guys who are holed up guarding "C".  I then run through "C" but not cap it.  Usually they'll respawn and come back looking for you around "C" but you're still not going for the flag and you can kill them again.  Also, it'll tell them on their mic "Losing C" and the "B" people will come back looking for you.  Hopefully by then your team will be smart enough to cap "B" but you'll probably die once the whole team is looking for you.  But at least you'll hold two points by then.

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    I don't get what is so contriversial. You got worked by a full party when you were playing with rando's, of course you are going to get destroyed if the other team is even halfway decent. You did the right thing. You realized you couldn't win and just sat back and annoyed them, that is what I would have done too. What you did is much more respectable than rage quitting.

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    If I'm stuck on a crappy team that doesn't go for flags, and we're down big from the get go, I don't run around trying to jump on flags by myself. Nothing but death traps. When you're spawn trapped from the start with a crappy team, there's no point in going 10-25 while dying everytime you try and jump on a flag by yourself.

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    It's hard to say where to draw a line but if you go up against a full party, you should it's going to be tough game. If I see a guy going 6 for 20 in my team I tend to follow him and use him bait. I know it's not fair but if he's the reason there a pavelow up and he won't try to take it out, I don't having problem using him to show where the other players are at.

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    The way I look at it, it's all based on your teammates. If your teammates aren't going to be willing to play smart and play the objective then it makes no sense for you to try and become a 1v6 wrecking crew. It's not going to work. No matter what you did it wasn't going to change how your teammates did.

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    Dont draw a line still cap but do it smarter.Nothing more satisfying than bieng a one man army in a bad side and ending up with 3000 more points than the nearest guy on your side.You may get outgunned and out numbered by partys as a random but never let your self get out thought.Go for the win at all times or at least try to till the end and if everyone played like that then objectives games in COD would be a whole lot better.MY thoughts is all..........

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    I also hate when my teammates do nothing but feed killstreaks to the other team.  I would be perfectly content with them dying as much as they want to, but at least take the air support down.  At least for me it always seems like the better players on the team are the ones who have to take down the air support.  I'm pretty sure the reason for this is because people who play recklessly ALWAYS use the support killstreaks and don't want to switch to a class with a stinger because they are so many kills away from their stealth bomber or whatever.  I'm not knocking people who use support streaks, I just think this has a big reason why no one is shooting down air support.

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    I play 100% Dom with randoms. Your experience happens about 50% of my games whether they lag or not.


    FIx is simple....play with a team.

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      I am in a clan but as far as I know none of them play together. I work swings and don't usually play until midnight. So my choices are a bit limited and I am not the type to send or receive random invites. I think the game in question just had "Bad" written on it from the beginning. Lol.

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        jwaller123 wrote:


        I am in a clan but as far as I know none of them play together. I work swings and don't usually play until midnight. So my choices are a bit limited and I am not the type to send or receive random invites. I think the game in question just had "Bad" written on it from the beginning. Lol.

        I am in a clan as well, and I agree - coordinating who is going to be on and when is a hassle sometimes. That is why I play random so much. But as for your original post, I must say - I do the same thing when I join a game in progress. If my team is down huuuge and there are killstreaks all over the place, I stay away from the flags and just try to collect some kills. I do not and will not play this way if I started the game with the team, then I'll fight it out to the bitter end.


        But even then, if I find myself on a team full of players that either a) care only about getting kills but not capping/defending or b) a team wholly intent on capping/defending but suck worse than I do and refusing to take down killstreaks, then I do what you did. I've grown tired of being the only one running to a flag to cap it only to die a million times (although, sometimes I do enjoy the challenge of clearing an area and then taking a flag with my smoke grenade).


        I can tell you're a good dude, because you felt bad about exhibiting an attitude that most flaunt without remorse. Screw it, you didn't even dashboard when so many others would have.

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    Back when I used to play on lagnet (before hackers started spreading viruses on the PC version) I was forced to play nothing but HC DOM since I only like fast paced objective gameplay.


    Being stuck on a team of randoms does really suck, but there are some things you can do to carry your team. I would often have 3000-4000 points more than anyone on either team.


    1) Learn which flags to capture. Each map has a "weak" flag that is stupidly easy to trap the enemy at. For Arkaden it's C, for Mission it's A, etc. Avoid this flag at all costs, use tac inserts on the opposite side of the map and put most of your attention into defending the opposite flag.


    2) Take advantage of the spawn system. If your team is trapped at the "weak" flag (lets use C on Arkaden for example) instead of trying to simply capture a flag, focus on getting to the opposite side of the map and setting a tac insert. Once that's down just camp that side of the map for a short while, as your teammates die the spawns will start to shift and you'll get backup spawning near you. When they go for the flag, rush in and help.


    3) RPG's, C4, and grenades are your best friend in Domination. Whenever the flag icon starts flashing whip a grenade or rocket at the point. With a little practice you will soon be able to whip nades over buildings to land perfectly on flags and defend them.


    4) When the game starts, if you're starting at the "weak" flag, do not cap it. Rush straight to either B or the opposite flag. I've had many times I was able to wipe out the enemy team with a well placed grenade before they could even cap the flag at their spawn.


    5) Never try to cap a flag solo. Clear the area of enemies and camp it until teammates arrive. The more on a flag the faster it's captured.

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    Welcome to playing with randoms against full parties, that's all I can say.

    But beating a full party with randoms is a good feeling.


    The way I play Domination is to clear out and then cap rather than rush to a flag where 2 or 3 enemy players are heavily defending. By capping, I use a trophy system to block enemy frags or Predator Missiles.


    Or if B is heavily guarded, I flank to either A or C (if say we're being spawn trapped at one flag).


    If you're rushing a flag before clearing, you're giving away pointstreaks & doing more damage to your team.

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    I dont draw a line I play till the bitter end!


    Over 260 hrs in domination and counting. and for those annoying kill streaks my stinger comes in handy ;-)

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      200-95 is a whoopin, probably nothing you could have done. However, to me the game is always about "team win" , I could careless about k/d. To me k/d in domination is just selfish play, trust me, I've had hundreds of games where I've been negative and the "team" still wins, I guess it just matters on how you like to play.