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[PS3]Thr33PI3C3 clan needs premium/founders for clan ops tonight

Hello! We are Three Piece and we need YOU for clan ops at 4:00PM EST today. I recommend clicking this link for information about our clan first: http://hupitgaming.com/forum/30--clans/651770--ps3-mw3-clan--30-members-and-grow ing

We are 263xp away from gold clan tags. We need premium/non-premium members to help us achieve this tonight. We are around 15-30 members who will be participating in clan ops tonight. So if you're interested in joining us(Reminder to click the link above )Message ZxNightmare on PSN and I will add you. I will invite you to the clan for ops today as well. Either way I hope I see you on Psn for clan ops!