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Recruiting any member that wants to join. K/D doesn't matter it is open to all!!



For those who are searching for a clan but never got accepted because of there K/D Ratio? Well I'm recruiting members no matter how bad you are. Also my clan needs some good players so if you know anyone like your friend they can join to. I want this clan to be open and free. I don't want to exclude anyone from this clan.


(If you are a founder you can use your XP boost if you wish. If your premium, that's great to. If you have the free version of Elite I will also be able to invite you so don't worry.)


My clan is called "Recon CS-6". Were curantly have 3 main Leaders (Names are at the end). Anyway message me on PSN. My name is tH3_j-BLASTER. (TH3_J-BLASTER). Also you can message me on my Clan Feed or Apply for an Application (Highly Recommend), comment on this disscussion or go to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Recon-CS-6/212863418827619 and send me a message there.


Thank you for your time

- The Clan Leader (tH3_j-BLASTER)

- Other Leaders (giupep3113), and (KiLLaTroX)