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The Adult Gaming Alliance - AGA [Xbox, PS3]


Welcome To the [AGA] (ADULT GAMING ALLIANCE) XBOX 360/PS3 Recruitment Thread!

CURRENTLY RECRUITING FOR XBOX & PS3! (However, we never turn away anyone)

Some clans claim they are for adults, and then operate like children. This is not the place. This is more than a clan; it is what you make of it. Our ego’s get checked in at the login screen.


If you are tired of the "Adult" clans that run like condo associations, then we welcome you.




The AGA is a multi-platform gaming community made up by gamers, for gamers who have been here since the dawn of modern gaming.  We didn’t play by the rules, we created them.

  We cut our teeth on “Pong” and the early Atari, Coleco and Intellivision systems.  We were shocked at the bright colors and the awesome graphic improvements of the first 8 bit Nintendo and Sega systems.  We saw the light with the inception of the 16 bit systems.   And finally, we stood there; salivating with mouth agape in anticipation of the first CD and DVD based consoles.  Oh yes, we have been there and experienced it all.

  We now would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the XBOX/PS3 gamers who, like us, have been there from the beginning.  But first, a very brief history. 

  The AGA was formed in early 2012 by a group of gamers who had these things in common: they all loved video games and they believed everyone is equal. They knew they were not alone.  So, these few brave men & women (pioneers, if you will) knew there was a yearning, a niche that needed to be filled and they saw a beacon of light in the dark.  That beacon was the AGA.  After a few weeks of grueling labor (I’m sure some colorful language as well) a forum was born.  A forum that was unlike any that came before it.  They knew then that they had created something special.  This forum was a tribute, nay, homage to the adult gamer.  Thus was the birth of the AGA.

  Now that I have your attention, let me tell you what we’re about.  We are a non-competitive clan who are just into having fun.  In fact, that is our number one rule.  We know that at the end of the day you want to just relax and blow off some steam, and what better way to do that then with people want the same thing.  We are all around 30 years old (some younger, some older) who want to kick back enjoy some time with people our own age who share the same interests.  If you like what you are reading, check us out.

  Here is what we expect from you: 
    1.  Have fun.  We are a non-competitive group.
    2.  Be respectful toward the other clan mates.  Offensive members will not be tolerated. 
    3.  No cheating, hacking, glitching or boosting.  If you do so, you will be banned and reported to Microsoft, or the Playstation network.  We believe in the fairness of play.

    4.  No console bashing.  We are a multi-platform clan who all wear the same clan tag.  In fact, since a lot of games are cross platform, we post in the same threads.

    5. You must be at least 30 years of age. Membership for those below 30 may be approved in certain cases.  
    6. Be active! Participation in games and forums is highly encouraged.

    7. List Farming is not permitted. 

If you don’t think that you can comply with these or any other rules set forth by our founding members or site Administrators, then we thank you for your time and ask that you move along.   If you think what has been posted here looks pretty good, all we ask is that you check us out.

  Thanks for reading!



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