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DLC Content Made For 12 Year Olds...?



Im not about the rating restrictions of this game and so long as a parent is INVOLVED with their kids, think NOTHING wrong with under 17 playing this game.


However; can we start mapping areas more fully?  For instance, the newest DLC (on the PS3) was 'Black Box'.  Its filled with small bushes that in previous title releases such as MW2 (without DLC) one could lie in wait for ambushing or even some proper cover/conceal tactics a sniper class would want.


Why can one NOT get in any of these places with the newer release/DLC?


I thought the name of the game was to advance technology and gaming, not step it back to the days of old?  Im trying to have contiued faith in this company but cant help buyt refering to them as Infinty Wart.  Is the problem that the game developers dont understand these consepts?  Is it that they were getting to upset with the 24-0 games some of us could pull off without boosting but using simple cover/conceal and REAL ambush tactics?  Or were they simply getting their butts handed to them in their own game and they coudlnt find a box of Kleenex?


Again; Im not so much about following the ratings as who I allow to play on my system and their age, but lets face it... the game IS rated 17+.  So I simply ask;


"Why are these DLC areas so poorly designed and mapped and seeminlgy made for 8-15 year old players?"


You guys really need to follow an old rule of success 'step yur game up'.

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    So... you are mad because there aren't enough bushes and tall grass to lie prone in? Really?

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    Is this a thread about Black Box? This map is messed up. I was looking forward to it emmensely because I loved the idea of Air Force One crashed into a hillside mansion as a battleground. However this map has such aweful flow to it. It seems the only way to do well is to be a campy sniper because thats all I keep getting my arse owned by. Barretts, MSR, L118A, and ACRs.  I spawn somewhere move 2 steps and get sniped. I spawn behind that sniper, kill him then I get sniped. I cap B then I get sniped. Even when Im sniping myself its not uncommon to get sniped while Im lining up shots. Playing KC I see red and gold tags littering the battlefield because 90% of the players in the game are sitting in their perch and wont even move to grab the bloody tags!


    I love sniping too but I also love capping flags and collecting tags, both of which are tediously difficult to accomplish when there are 9000 lines of sight for snipers to pick me off at any moment.


    Im not against having a sniper friendly map, Im against having a camper friendly map and Black Box is camper heaven. Campers have so many places to choose from. North mansion (multiple levels), south mansion (multiple levels), unfinished mansion (multiple levels), plane nose upper level, plane nose lower level, plane middle, plane tail, under the wing, etc. Take a look at Estate from MW2. That was a big sniper friendly map and sure it was very campy at times but the camping spots were limited to 2 or 3 main areas that you could navigate to without being completely exposed.