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  • 20. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    trialstardragon wrote:


    Really how this post reads is this:


    "I was on my way to an ac-130 some noob used a stealth bomber and killed me preventing me from getting my ksr!!!! Than that same lifeless noob had the audacity to use and emp and destory my reaper right after I just called and and I did not get a kill from it!!! Futher more I had to wait a minute to use my pavelow I had and the match ended before I could!!! Damn you noobs for using streaks that ruined my playstyle and made the game not as fun for me as I demand it should have been!!!!!!"

    I think this sums it up pretty well. I don't get the fuss, to be honest. Other wiser players on this thread pointed out deftly that Support, when done right at the right time, can contribute mightily to a win.


    I have "Noob" in my screenname for a couple of reasons: a) so everyone here would know that I am one and understand where I am coming from on occasion if/when I ask a question and sound like an idiot and b) because I don't care what "hardened" video game players think about my skill level (respectfully). I love playing against people with these mighty attitudes and EMPing their little killstreaks. From now on, provided I get my EMP early enough, I am going to hold onto that bad boy a little longer just to make sure I take down an AC130 and laugh harder while I do it. Thanks for the inspiration OP!

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    Personally I would like to see the Stealth Bomber taken out of Support. The EMP should be only 30 seconds in Support but maybe a Minute if added to assualt package.

  • 22. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    support is a good idea..

    it fails for two reasons, as others have said.. there shouldnt be anything in it that kills and the emp is far too long

  • 23. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    Is support okay for people who play with Riot Shields & Shotguns? I think so cause most guns have advantage over them.

  • 24. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    Stealth bomber = Go inside

    EMP = Too bad

  • 25. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    This is the first time I've ever seen anyone complain that the support strike package is OP. Compared to the assault package, it's pretty weak. But that's how it should be since it doesn't get reset upon death. The only thing that doesn't fit in there in my opinion is the stealth bomber.

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    Take out the streaks that kill and the support package is a great idea; it awards those who care more about objectives than getting massive killstreaks.

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    Exactly. I love it cuz I don't have to worry about my streak being broken up by a corner camper, random predator missile, etc. I don't have to get campy just because I'm one or two kills away from my killstreak. Long as I get my 18, haha I know I'm screwing somebody when I set off that EMP

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    I think support is fine, I'm not gonna complain if someone uses it because it helps their team out a lot.

    I do agree there shouldn't be any support streaks that kill though.

    The emp should last a little less though maybe cut it down to 30 seconds.

  • 29. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    Does it makes sense, then, to move Stealth Bomber to Assault, and maybe move Care Package to Support? 


    EMP is a nuisance, but not worth getting in a tizzy, IMO.

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