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    I'm on eastern time so I'm not that far ahead.


    My KD is just under 2.

    My W/L is 2.3 or around there.

    I play anything except search and destroy due to the amount of hacks that are in there

    I tend to rush in games like team deathmatch, but I'll play the objective like a madman in all objective type games.


    Ally code is 2807-9628-9660

    In-game name is zZz|Kazekiri87

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    EliteKing wrote:


    ... a little bit about yourself including but not limited to your KD, W/L, favorite types of matches and your style of play.


    I kindly request the same from you.


    I am also a PST-er and often have few/no allies on when I decide to stay up late.  I don't have my code handy, nor much time to blurt out my MW3 story at the moment, so I will be back later to share.  But in the meantime... you show me yours, then I'll show you mine.

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    kazie - added.

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    LOL fair enough...edited the title post just for you pops!

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    Just re-read your 1st post King, didnt realise you wanted a write up


    Basically im a run n gunner, use smgs, and cap,cap,cap. I always try to triple cap unless were trying something different. This started in Black Ops, were I got like minded players together and formed the r@pe squad, named solely die to the fact that we liked to triple cap from the start,or as soon as, and keep it that way. In Black Ops we won 600+ games and lost just 2, against a hacker, but we stayed anyway and still only just lost both games. In MW3 my longest streak was 506, then again it was ended my a hacker.


    I run assault of cobra/strafe/pavelow now ive stopped stiging, was specialist before that, but no point now I dont need the extra xp. Ive deleted 2 10th prestige accs through sheer rage at the game, and now im currently prestige 3 level 80, im no longer stiging and trying to get my gold smgs.


    My kdr is currently 1.60ish, dropped from 2.2 over the last 2 weeks, whilst ive been trying out all the shotguns (I suck), and using all the weird scopes to level up my guns. I dont mind trying mad stuff, as stats mean nothing to me in all honesty, and I have been known to drop 500 deaths in 5-6 games just semtexing myself to see how many I could manage in a full game


    No mic, family man, and dont wana look like a nob. Also I have an adult sized head, and these mics are for people with heads the size of potatoes


    Online in an hour if anyones around.

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    Have you deleted me as an ally beast? I can't find you.

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    Didnt think so?? I got you on Black Ops. I did start a new acc, did I have you on that one?

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    I thank you and am humbled by the regality of your reply to my request.  I'm not even close to your league of play, but I'm always up for a good time if you will have me.


    I'm a fairly casual player & only on when my kids aren't with me: Wed - Fri nights (6-10/11/12 PST) & every other Saturday, but new primetime TV shows or other responsibilities take 1st priority... I'm managing a little league team for the next 2 months, so I won't be around as much as I've been accustomed to lately.


    I recently got a mic, but rarely speak unless spoken to... after 2 years of not talking while playing CoD, I don't have much experience chatting while playing, but I'm getting better.


    I probably spend 75% of my time as a lone wolf in TDM, where I usually finish in the top 2 or 3 on the leaderboard.  I'm usually up for most of the objective games with a few of my top quality allies (many from this forum), but I struggle to keep up and will throw the party of the century if I ever finish on top of the leaderboard... but I typically feel that I'm an asset to the team.  I'm usually also up for some trolling w/a party, just to keep things entertaining.


    I've been in a mid-range support funk lately with my ACR and Recon Pro, so I light up the enemies like crazy & am happy to take the assist w/Hardline.  I'm looking forward to getting back to some more aggressive run-n-gun when I unlock the MP7 in a few more levels.  I plan to carry over the MP7 when I prestige, so I'll bounce between the ACR & MP7 depending on the map, objective, my performance, and my mood.


    So now to the "ever important" stats...


    -overall KDR: 2-ish (lowered slightly by occasional trolling)

    -TDM KDR: 1.85-ish


    -overall W/L: 2.2 - 2.3 (thanks to occasional quality allies)

    -lone wolf W/L: 1.5-ish


    My apologies for being so long winded, but I think that's about it.  I'm off work today, so I have the rare chance to get some playtime in throughout today. So if we're ever on at the same time, let's have some fun!




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    My codes back on the first page.

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    What am I chopped liver. LOL. I guess im not enough player for you.

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