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I know that the likes of Black Ops and I think MW3 has some mod tools they're pretty pathetic compared to what other games offer. Probably one of, if not the biggest mod community out there is for Valve's games on the Source engine which I think is great and you get a lot of excellent community made content coming out and many sites host thousands of source maps etc. I understand in CoD4 and WaW map editing was available but I think it's a real shame that's not been the case since.


I get why Activision don't want level designers to create custom maps for these games because A) they think it would trouble DLC sales and B) because it would only benefit the PC community and not consoles.


I think differently however. Due to the fact that console players wouldn't have access to these maps they would still only have the choice of DLC on their consoles. Sorry to say but it's true that these games are more popular on consoles than they are on PC. However personally I would buy a PC version of these games if it came with the ability to build custom maps because I love doing it for other games (like Source games) and I have been doing it for years.


As for getting those maps onto consoles why not run DLC competitions? For example host a mapping competition for each DLC and the best one gets added into the DLC map. Instead of 4 maps perhaps release 5 with the fifth being community made.


Of course these are just my thoughts and opinions I'd be interested to hear what other people think of this and if anyone cares. I guess this is only really a concern to a select few people who build/have built maps for other games.