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MK14 or ACR 6.8

Guys, what do you choose from the two? MK14 or ACR 6.8? my MK14 is almost level 31 and my ACR 6.8 is level 12 my MK14 proficiency is Flinch - Rapid Fire. ACR 6.8 proficiency is Flinch - Silencer. i like MK14 for long-range,mid-range and sometimes close range, my secondary in MK14 is FMG9 Akimbo.

for the ACR 6.8 i sometimes like it in ranges but i more like it for mid-range and close-range.


-Sorry for my english language

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    I should use the ACR with KICK and Silencer because Kick really helps on a ACR. ACR is one of the weapons where kick will reduse the most recoil. It can No-scope really good too and it can shoot mid-range and long-range. So I would go for the ACR

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    I use ACR with either Impact or with reduced flinch (can't remember the name). Also I almost always put Extended Mags on whenever I have that unlocked

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    It depends do you play more agressive or more defensive


    Agressive: ACR (you can also play defensive with this gun)


    Defensive: MK14 (it works better if you play more defensive with this gun believe me)


    I personally prefer the ACR but thing it like this:


    ACR it's a really comfortable weapon it feels really balanced


    MK14 it's a really powerfull weapon (1 to 3 shots to kill actually)


    it's all about preference what do you feel you are more comfortable with.


    I use the ACR with extendeg mags and a silencer i really don't think kick or impact do a difference in this gun

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      MK14 is great, especially with rapid fire and a silencer, but avoid it and anything else that isn't fully auto if you get hit with lag on a regular basis  Never been a fan of the ACR it's go next to no recoil bt pays for it in damge and rate of fire.

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    the answer is easy option...if i were u,i would choose acr..man acr can get everyone down..it provides u good accuracy,effective damage and this gun can win a good sniper and offer u the chance to keep and improve ur current killstreak..mk14 is good too,but it is one bullet gun..it is slower than acr and u must think that acr is the only assault rifle that has so intensive accuracy...to sum up,i offer u with no thought acr!!!

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    The ACR is far easier to use. The MK14 is a very good defensive gun, if you're able to control the engagement and keep everything mid to long range its a solid weapon, no doubt. Overall the ACR is much easier to use though.


    ACR Silencer+Ext Mags (attachments)


    C4/Portable Radar


    Scav Pro

    Hardline Pro

    Stalker Pro


    Specialist: Assasain Pro, Marksman Pro, SoH Pro


    MK14 Silencer+RF (attachments)

    Akimbo FMG9s

    Semtex/Portable Radar


    Scav Pro

    Hardline Pro

    Marksman Pro


    Specialist: SoH Pro, Steady Aim Pro, Assasain Pro



    Those are my typical set ups with those two guns, I find the ACR works well in all situations, and the MK14 does better on maps with longer lines of sight.

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    i prefer the MK14 that being said i can unload half the mag in less than a second, i think your opionion with the MK14 really depends on how much lag you get and how fast your trigger finger is, see as i said i can shot it REALLY fast so close quarters isn't a limiting factor for me as i can easily put two bullets into somone before there automatic can put 3-5 in me and if you can do that the MK14 is probbly the best gun in the game.

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    I prefer the ACR 6.8. I will either use the Attachments or Focus prficiency depending what gamemode I'm playing. When using the Attacments I like to use supressor with extended mags. Or with Focus I just use a supressor.


    The MK14 is a great rifle. I just prefer to use it in HC objetive gamemodes. Altough it's still a great weopon in the Standard playlist as well.

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    When the game is laggy I go with the ACR, it's not my prefered but the Mk14 just can't compete with lag. My stats prove though, that when the game is performing like it should I'm unstopable with the Mk14

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      I like the MK14 w/ Rapid Fire and Extended Mags. It's just quick and especially in objective based games you don't have to get close to them to defend your area of the map and win games. It's 1 shot to head, (as you probably know) and 2-3 in body or feet. It's just so powerful, and it's different from the usual that everyone uses. Don't get me wrong I love an acr but it just seems like so many people use them you know, it's just over-used. So yeah, that's my opinion on the subject. Hope I helped.

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        The Mk14 with a silencer and that's it. I like Kick on it so I can take people out from afar without worrying about getting flanked. Just run around the edges of the map and flank or be flanked

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    I prefer the mk14 over the acr most times. Especially in longe range maps.

    red dot w/silencer.

    scavenger pro

    quickdraw pro

    stalker pro

    specialist package: marksman, soh, and assassin.

    frag or throwing knife (whatever you prefer)

    portable radar or tac insert.


    In my experience, I find there are no bad guns in this game. It all depends on how well you use them. I've used them all. After resetting my stats and starting over again, I decided to stop at lvl 80 and not prestige again. All there is left for me to do now is to get all my guns gold. Right now I have all the ARs gold, except the mk14, which is at lvl 31 right now. All my SMGs are gold. I have the .50cal, L118A, and the RSASS gold, and am currently working on the AS50. I have the M60 and the PKP gold, and am working on the MG36. And I only have the USAS gold so far, and am working on the AA-12.


    Like I said, there are no bad guns. I've done well with them all. It's all a matter of preferance. But if I had to choose a fully auto AR, I'd probably pick the SCAR.

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      You are the only one I agree with, like you said some weapons are harder to master like the PKP, AA12, MP5 and more. The reason I dislike ACR MK14 MP7 and PP90M1 is because they are easy to control, although PP90M1 was my first gold gun just because I thought the UMP45 is OP like in MW2 and the MP5 OP like in COD4 but after I understood its really unfair in close quarters with the redicioules rate of fire I stopped using it.

      about the topic, try using SCAR-L silencer and extended mags

      Scav pro



      specialists: SoH, Assassin and either steady aim marksman or blast shield.

      If you know how to reload cancel it wouldn't take you more than 1 seconed to reload.

      I like the SCAR-L because It's so much like the ACR except it takes more than 2 minutes of gameplay to master that gun.

      and for gods sake guys, don't use ACR nor the MP7 in S&D and claim that you are pro's just because you tryhard with unbalanced guns..

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    i like the mk14 it is great i can get 30 kills per match it has red dot and extended clip and perks i use are marksman pro assassin pro and blind eye pro and i use the assualt package and my mg36 is gold my barret 50 cal is gold ACR gold mk14 gold ksg gold and usas 12 gold

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    ACR 6.8. The only time I ever used the MK14 was when I picked it up, after running out of ammo on the ACR. Anyway, my ACR is only Level 20 or so with 2 Attachments (Red Dot, U-Dot, and Silencer), then no camos, as I prefer to have Red, Gold or nothing (sometimes blue).

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      I've been using the MK14 a lot lately and I believe it's one of the best guns in the game. Genually I use Thermal and Stability. It's more satifiying getting kills with the MK14 than the ACR because it's a harder weapon to use. I do camp a bit more with it because it's simular to a sniper rifle but when I need to flank I change to the MP9.


      A word of warning though: if you know you're lagging, don't use it because I've found lag affects single shot guns more

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        MK.14 is my favorite gun in MW3!  I can't really stand the ACR 6.8.  I use the MK.14 all by it's self it doesn't need any attachments or profiency's because it's so good.  I would definatly choose the MK.14 over the ACR 6.8.  If you put rapid fire on the MK.14 it makes the fire cap to the point of where it will fire as fast as you click the fire button and some people are really fast with it.