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Looking for a mature (casual) clan.

Edit: I have found a clan. Thank you to those who took the time to read it and post information about your clan.


My friend and I are looking for a clan on the Xbox 360. We both are generally active (putting at least 10 hours a week into multiplayer) unless caught up with RL issues. My K:D is a 1.35 (6th prestige) and my friend is a 1.56 (10th prestige).


A bit about us in case you want to see if we'd fit in:


-We generally strive to do well, but we are NOT hardcore.

-More often than not we will do matches together when we notice each other online. Being friends IRL for 16 years will do that.

-We do have our games when we do terrible, but then we also have our games when we do great. Both of us have had our K:D increasing quite nicely in the past month or two.

-Lately, I tend to role assult/support (more assult than support) and my friend goes with specialist/assult (specialist more than assult; he loves MOABs. Recently got one using an MSR, actually).

-Both of us are on the east coast of the US, in case time zones are going to be an issue.

-I am an Elite premium/founder (already gave up my exp, for those who would want me only for that), my friend has Elite but is neither premium nor a founder.


We are looking to join a clan together; Ground War is our preferred game mode. None of the "Well, we'll take him but not you" or "We only accept Elite premium members". It'd be appreciated if you only post here if you'd be willing to take us given the criteria above. If you'd like to see our stats on Elite, my gamertag is Assassin0795 and my friend's gamertag is Zarucamza.