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Thermal Clan Recruiting

Hello and Welcome to Thermal Clan.Thermal clan is mainly an all weapons clan, however we are in the future going to focus on using Thermal scopes only as our attachments (Hence the name Thermal)


We are looking for great players with positive attitude, players who are 17+ years of age/or prove to be mature to our fellow clan members when in tryouts. We ask our players to be respectful, but all in all, to have fun.We are a new clan, we need more players, who ever is interested may contact me through Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/groups/152556548204238/Or via my Xbox gamertag:Thermal Jester you may also contact the co-founder/Leader:UpstateCrib91


We are mainly a competive small clan, looking for a challange and for players who'd like a challange. <3 Hope to see ya ingame <3


Just some extra things to add.



Were all 'bout game battles when available.

Id like the clan to stay small, so atm i have space for 10 -20 players.
I will not require my fellow members to change their name to Thermal,i only ask to repsent Thermal clan by putting [ZRML] under clan tag.

a K/d of 1.00+ may secure your chances of getting in/ not that it matters much.

Treat Thermal clan as a side project, even you have a clan already that you are devoted to.



Any questions, concerns, you know how to contact me.