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PG-13 -Recruiting (Ps3) QS/TS clan!

Hello this is PG Leader (KiLLCAM)


-Bassicly this is a PSN Trickshotting/Quickscoping Team (We're Not competative ATM)

This is NOT A new Clan but we're just starting to Advertise & Recruit & taking this Clan to the next Level.



******OPEN TRYOUTS******


Apply Apointment by doing the Following (copy/paste):


How long have you played Blackops?

What do you do QS/TS?;

Are you Serious & Have the Responsability of a Clan;?

How Old are you?;

What's your PSN ID;?

Are you Active at least 3 Hours a day:?

When can you Tryout for PG-13;?


PG-13 TEAM List:



PG-13-__-BOSS-Co Leader