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  • 30. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    They need to offer some kind of reimbursement. Canceling in advance with notice is lame, but understandable. Canceling halfway into the challenge, announcing only on Twitter, when most players are already playing in the challenge is unacceptable.


    Tomorrow's challenge is likely going to be a flop and cancelled as well, due to the playstation network maintenance.

  • 31. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    i was playing TDM like 3 hours and i been waiting when the clan xp would come. But WTF IS THIS !? canceled ? I like to know why they did this and all clans who enlisted this S%?/#!T would receive 1000xp !!!!

  • 32. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    Total BS waste of time.  Give every enlisted clan 2500 so to make up for your bs elite.  I can't compete in these due to my schedule, and when I do, cancelled an hour in!  I was owning noobs like crazy and it's just cancelled.  Stick to your schedules you crappy developers.  Go stick your crappy service where the sun don't shine ********.

  • 33. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    I doubt it was for cheating as they never do anything about it at the start, they just watch and try to catch those that are cheating and adjust accordingly.At least imho is what happens.

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    This is such typical crap.Start something,blame a technical issue and pretend like ALOT of people didn't come online just to participate in something and just say sorry,we will reschedule but who knows when. Seriously?! That's NOT getting what "we" paid for.If it's a "techinical"
    issue then it must be w/the scoring system they use as "we" PS3 users don't have dedicated servers unlike other platforms so it couldn't really be a "hosting" issue. What say you?

  • 35. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    Herb,Seriously? You are going to complain about getting caught and the consequences for using a glitch to advance your stats.You are only complaining because YOU got caught.That just shows where you stand on ethics,morals and values.You are no better then any other cheater.

  • 36. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    Why do we bother? Just give us our money back and forget the whole thing, I have 24 guys and girls all premium and 10 of them founders who would gladly take their money back and forget all about elite and clan ops, we can organise our own clan battles on fragged nation and use our £35 to pay for prizes betcha the community could make a better job of running the show than you guys, good luck trying to sell elite next time around once bitten twice shy IW

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    IW & BH Fix u r ******* Game und Elite befor u bring some new DLCs



    They Delete/canceled the next Clan Ops for PS3  KC core on 4am-7am (CEST) (3-6am GMT) 



  • 38. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    oh, didn't you hear? twitter is now the only mode of communication between company and consumer...this is how professionals do it lol

  • 39. Re: TDM Clan Ops Canceled ?

    i PLayed for the whole 3 hours long with my clan yet we get nothing sort it , or  you will lose customers in future , not like 50 euro is nothing i pay for service at least provide it and give heads up , plus KC tonight also removed , yet still we get told nothing