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Matchmaking Changes - Lag Compensation


Hey guys.


A month or so ago, I uploaded this Lag Compensation Explained video, showing the syncing problems a lot of us were seeing in the game:


Lag Compensation Explained: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reNPK8XD-k4


Along with this thread: http://www.callofduty.com/thread/200404485?tstart=0   Which gained a lot of attention.


After a lengthy period of time, a response was finally given from Ghandi about it:




So, fellow Forum dweller Maccabi and I did a dual comm last night discussing the upcoming changes and what we can expect to see:



Hope you guys check it out, and let us know what you think

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    Nicely done evan I could understand it.

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    That's what we aim for. Talking over or above people's heads is just ignorant. No point in making an information video if the majority of people don't understand what you are saying

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    Excellent Mr Capp00 and Mr Maccabi. I've suffered with lag comp and look forward to, hopefully, a more enjoyable MW3 experience. Off to have some tea and crumpets, whoorah, cripes, don't you know, spiffing chaps. Tallyho

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    Nice work. That's a good re-cap video for those who might not be diligently following some of the recent developments on the ever-growing "Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes" thread.


    A lot of frustrated customers have (understandably) given up the fight to get MW3's common out-of-sync/lag problem addressed, so I'm glad we still have some persistent people keeping the pressure on the developers to take action on this.


    I see MW3's widespread out-of-sync/lag problem as (by far) the number one issue adversely affecting MW3's online game-play. It doesn't matter what other MW3 patches or add-on content they release if this one glaring defect continues to plague so many customers.

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    Great commentary fellas.  I hope your efforts in influencing the dev team come to fruition.

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    Sorry Capp00 thanks for trying buddy but this game is through , with a new Ghost Recon and Maxpayne3's MP coming out in a month this LAGTASTIC trash known as MW3 is as good as forgotten.


    From what I've been hearing its sales have fallen below what Blackops sales were this time last year .


    http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/168543/Call_of_Duty_sales_slow_down_as_casual _buyers_find_entertainment_elsewhere.php

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    Good video but i don't totally disagree with you guys about lag compensation only smoothes out the lagging players.  Your video doesn't even touch why limiting your internet connection has a positive outcome on the gameplay.  Most of us understand that bandwidth doesn't equal speed, so with that in mind limiting your bandwidth would only affect you being host or not.  But that is not the case with MW3, many players including myself have seen a positive affect by adjusting QoS or upload speeds on the router.  I still think you guys need to work on your lag compensation theory.


    Edited: I put agree when I meant disagree, highlighted in red.....

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    Also now that i think about a little more this suggestion seems too only affect parties and not the lone wolf player. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't really see this addressing the whole issue with the "Lag compensation", it's only addressing a small piece of it.

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    Good point ghorman.


    Firstly, whatever the discussion has been so far, the important thing here is that the devs admit there is a problem and they are actively trying to solve it.


    Now let me say that this is just what I took away from your video commentary - my opinion.  It seems that what you are saying is that this change in matchmaking will lead to an overall lower ping, and that that lower ping will lessen the effect of the lag compensation.  I disagree.  This may lessen the problem - and may lessen huge jumping 'wtf' moments, but at the end of the day, the code is still broken.


    You want the matchmaking to go back to black ops days?  Well I had the same 'second behind' problem in black ops.  Now I may have misunderstood what you were saying, but it isnt people on 'the same system, newly experiencing problems in mw3'.


    To address the whole connection speed issue.  I still believe that the effects of the code are such that the player with the higher ping seems to be out of synch in a positive manner, resulting in an unfair advantage over the lower ping.  This may also have something to do with ghormans point of limiting your connection producing better results.  There is an exploitation available because the player with the worse ping does experience increased advantage.  Until this problem is rectified (and if anything, I think it can be lessened, but not solved through the proposed solution), people will do it.


    Through interpolation, in an effort to 'smooth things out', I still experience problems.  I can tell, for instance, when my aim assist pulls my crosshairs out from around a corner, when the enemy has not yet appeared on my screen.  There is a distinct different between the players hitbox in real time (host time - virtual host time, whatever you want to call it), and the enemy model on my screen.  This means to me that the interpolation itself is flawed.  And yes, I considered this to be part of an overall "lag compensation" design.  And im not sure if you would think im generalizing your statement, but when you say that 'you cant realize when someone is lagging' - I disagree.  I am not talking about the huge wtf moments, but the 'second behind' issue. 


    As for the laughable reason why it hasnt been addressed before, its an excuse not to have to make your game function the right way.  Why should any technology function as intended? So theyre saying if we don't understand it, it doesnt have to work properly?  Theres plenty of technology that we use every day that 99% of people don't know how it works.


    I dont know that this update will fix anything - it seems to hinge on there being less overall ping to stablize broken code.

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