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New special ops missions


Ok, the recent PC update gave them a bunch of achievements about spec ops, and in turn listed the new missions coming out in the near future. They are called 'Kill switch', and 'Iron Clad'. Read the aceivements here: http://steamstats.zr40.nl/games/42680?page=2. It seems Iron Clad is about defending a tank, due to one of the acheivements. That seems to basically be it about that one. Kill switch, however, has some more information in the acheivements about setting and events. One acheivement is called 'one-four-one', so I assume that it could have MW2 characters, or a MW2 setting.  Another one, called 'EMPressive', leads me to believe that there is something to do with an EMP, which further supports the MW2 setting. Perhaps it is based around the mission 'Contingency', but maybe you play as Price making your way to the submarine, and then going through the submarine. Finally, there is one called 'Helicopalypse', which is to kill six helicopters during the mission, confirming their existence in the level. Speculate below.