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Halo 4 claims 11/6 as release date - how will CoD respond? Maybe launch the day before Halloween and hype up zombies? Or a December launch that screws everyone out of the extra month of Elite?


So today it was announced that Halo 4 will release on Election Day, 11/6. Of course, this is the first Tuesday in November - the traditional release date for CoD. ( I know MW3 technically dropped on the second Tuesday; but still, this was CoD's logical date for Blops 2) So, could we really have the top 2 games released on the same day? (Election Day no less!)


I think it will either be the week before - 10/30 - or around mid December - which means that everyone who bought Elite on launch  and had their sub extended 1 month will have their subscription expire around the time Blops 2 and Elite 2.0 release.(Which would be disappointing since I was looking forward to the "free" month to see how well Elite 2.0 would work...)