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Quickdraw Pro

okay, Prestige 1 i forgot how did i got Quickdraw pro (recovery after using grenade), can you guys tell me how can this be acquired.

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    I usually never think about the exact challenge but it's get like 120 kills shortly after looking down your sites. This one is easy.

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    It is by getting so many kills shortly after you ADS.  Can't remember the exact number prolly like 150-200.  Not that hard to get.

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    You have to get 80 kills shortly after looking downsight to get this perk pro.  You can't just ADS all the time and expect to get it accomplished.  Shortly after you sight up, you have to kill.


    For me I just frantically press L1 until I find the enemy, lock on to them and then get the kill. You can get this perk pro pretty easily.  Happy Hunting!!

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    I did not even think about this one and I got it, I tried it for the first time in 7 prestiges and I think I got pro in about 5 or 6 games. The only problem about using this perk is when you stop using it seems to take forever to throw grenades and flashbangs.

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      lol yea but I have the reverse problem. I barely use QD pro so when I do I end up throwing stuff short because I am not expecting it to release from my hand so fast lol.