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PING Indicator Please


I would like to respectfully request that the next installment of COD (assumed to be Black Ops 2, but rumored to maybe be Otis Ops), inlcude an OPTION for the ping value to be displayed in the actual per MS figure, instead of the traditional 1-4 bars indicator on the consoles.


This is not a new request.  Nor is it something that can't be done with some ease by the developer.  For yeas similar requests have been made by the console community.  In addition, this information is easily extracted from the game system, what else do we think generates the 1-4 bar system we all know and loath.


Now, there are two arguments that I am aware of that the developers like to use: 


1. This is something that a majority of the COD community won't understand

I agree, this is why my request makes it an OPTION to the green bars.  Also, Vahn, you may recall my request two years ago asking for a NAT indicator for consoles when BO was in development.  At the time both you and MaTtKs used this excuse.  But, looking back, since it was included in Black Ops (and so much more connection info), didn't it have a positive impact on the community?  I realize there was some confusion, but out of all this came a new wave of informed players.  So not only did you provide a great game, but you also educated some folks along the way.  Well, now it is time for the masses to take the next step.


2. This will cause a number of people to leave games prematurely

More so then the bar indicators?  Treyarch is all about being the ones that take COD to the next step.  This is the same moldy excuse that has been used for eons.  As always, I believe it is better to have INFORMED players, as opposed sticking to old principals that honestly don't make much sense.  While there could potentially be a spike in dropped games (nothing a quit game penalty couldn't fix, hnt, hint), I don't think this will be long lasting.  It will also help the developer diagnose some of the more severe issues being incurred by the playing community at times, if this information is present.  Under this arguement the good balances out the harm and results in an immaterial overall impact to the community.


Voice your opinion if you support or are against such a feature in the next COD game.