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Call of Duty Clan Ideas

What if we had a score/kill average. The questions you are asking is what is this, and why would we use this? Score/Kill average is a combination of SPM and k/d ratio. What we do is we take the kd (move the decimal places two places to the right) and we take the SPM and average them. For example, my k/d is 1.77 and my SPM is 280. So we do 177 + 280, which equals 457, then we divide that by 2, and we get 228.5. So now that we know what it is, we explain why we should use it. For example, you have a member who has a 2.00 kd, but the SPM is 100. The score/kill average is 150. This means that this player goes for kills, not objectives. To avoid inviting this player to your clan, and doing extra work, have a score/kill average. You can have a minimum, so they can join even if they have a 0.90 kd but a 350 SPM. If they have a high score/kill average, then they are an all round player. Suggestions?


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    sounds like a good idea to me. i'v come across a few players who have 2.0+ KDs but terrible SPM as they sit in a corner in game modes like Dom.


    I still think KD will always be taken into account, but your kd/SPM combo would be a great addition.


    Question is how do you get activision to take on this concept?