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The end has come.


Well. What can I say...



It finally happened.





The disc reader for my wii finally broke...




I can't say that I'm mad. I've had three and a half great years with my wii, it was bound to happen eventually with all of the CoD that I play. I just never thought it would happen to my wii because I take decently good care of it, I'm saddened that it finally occured. Right in the middle of my second game of the day, Nonetheless!! I was pulling a 16-2 and just about to whip out my helicopter when it just shut off and showed the error screen. Unfortunate that it would happen in the middle of a good match instead of the beginning or in a crappy match. Oh well, that's life I guess.



That being said, I'm not going to repair my wii seing as I can still play zelda, starfox, and supermario 64. All wonderful classics. I'll still hang around here as well, keep contributing, you know the whole nine yards.



I'll start saving up for the wii U now, I guess. If it has a favorable price on release (under $350) I'll get it right away, but if not, I'll wait until the first or second price drop as I'm sure it'll happen within a few months of release. I will never buy a playstation or xbox, I'm just too fond of the prominent motion controls. So, we'll see where it goes from here.


Stay thirsty my friends,