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What do you think?


I'm crossing my fingers!!!


I really hope they don't start effing up the storyline because all they're concerned about is $$$...


It was going good until we got to Shangri-La... Then I was like... WTF!!!! Do they think they're clever by adding in Shangri-la because of its myth. They should have stuck with more WW2 based Hitler-isms they had. Give us more zombie-esk zombies. I would hate to see a storyline that started out so great and mysterious as the element 115 in Shi No Numa with the one armed hang man, imperial zombie army, and 4 zombie slayers go to waste. It's like watching Lost all over again. What did it all mean in the end? That basically you eventually die and move on with the people who matter most... BS. They should just put the Dharma Initiative in with Group 935. lol