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MW3 was working fine, Now it skips and is unreadable...


Hi, I was playing MW3 (Xbox 360) on Veteran Campaign, and i was halfway through a mission and then it came up with disc unreadable? it crashed my xbox and since starting it up it took 4 reboots to successfuly get to the dashboard, it is running slower than usual now, It also for a time reset my avatar and gamerscore. I Re-downloaded my profile and i have them back now, But every time i play MW3 the intro starts skipping and i can get as far as the campaign menu before it brings up disc unreadable.


I have never had a problem with this disc, i have had it since launch (Hardened) it is instaled to my HDD, it has no marks or sctratches what so ever.I have tried clearing my cache and re-installing the disc. Still no luck... Also since this whole problem, my xbox keeps freezing on the dashboard when i view my friends list, join parties Etc.


I dont know what to do...