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MW3 Drinking Game?


Getting some peeps together tomorrow for frag-fest / bbq / makin beats.

Got me thinking about a friendly MW3 drinking game (or replace with your favorite vice):


Take ONE drink each if you:

  • Fall to your death
  • Die from an AirDrop Trap
  • Die from a falling Care Package
  • Blow yourself up either from your own Explosive or Kill Streak Air Support
  • For every 3 of your Quickscope kills
  • For every 3 of your drop shot kills
  • If there is a female in the lobby (idk, it sounded fun)
  • If your team wins
  • If you have a 1.5+ K/D at end of match


Take TWO Drinks if you:

  • Have 2.0+ K/D at end of match


Take THREE Drinks if you:

  • Call in a MOAB
  • Get a Juggernaut
  • 3.0+ K/D at match end


I'm sure there's more ideas. Wanting to keep it fun and balanced, and be able to stand afterward.

The idea is to have fun, and try to level the playing field by making people who are doing well get drunker faster.