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A Little Bit of Everything

I've been thinking of some small threads to make recently. So I will make them into one thread to be eco-friendly and save internet space. :D 

Most of these are also heavily based on my experience on MW3 today.


1) This is not meant to brag I find this one very odd... Ok so I got my fourth MOAB today, and all four of them have been while I'm the Africa Militia. Think this is a coincidence, or is the Africa Militia OP.


2) I've been seeing several threads of people rage quitting from the game due to large amounts of hacking, and don't get me wrong it has increased since BO, but I found only one questionable hacker from playing for awhile. I wasn't absolutely sure, but I think it was aim bot and damage, but the person was still pretty bad. Using akimbos too. That wasn't the oddest part though, it wasn't a little boy. It was a girl. I just found that weird, it's definetly a first for me.


3) So for my belief of ACR being more powerful than the Type 95 my playing from today, and last weekend has just about confirmed my proposition in my case. The guys I got the MOAB against the next match, same map (host rage quit after my MOAB blew up) I used the Type 95. My MOAB score was 37-0 with the ACR next game 25-6 with Type 95. I still won't rule out the fact I may be using it wrong, but I still get too many hitmarkers, with or without silencer.


4) Ultimate Challenge will be in the upcoming weekends (not this weekend) I didn't want to have to start it this early, but it seems the people have been getting bored of the game so we'll see. I didn't really want to have to start it this early because people will get bored of it, and it almost eliminates the purpose. However, I will do it anyways. 


5) The sad part, I found two new glitches today. Resistance and Hardhat were the maps. I think the Resistance one has been known for awhile, but just today I saw some guy trying to use it. 


That's all I got for now. :D 

I will end with a question. What type of factory is the map Carbon???

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